Are you traveling to Rome? Well, one of the main attractions apart from Colosseum and Pantheon is the Vatican City. The Vatican City is a country itself and even if you are not religious it would be a shame not to visit it considering the fact that it holds one of the most important collections of art pieces.

My best friend warned me about the existing scams. However, I still fell in the trap. I hope that I will do a good job in explaining you how to avoid the Vatican entrance ticket scams in order to save you up around 30 euros.

The scam is, that there are different agencies which sell overpriced tickets in exchange for a guided tour. You will see people approaching you to buy tickets even when you get out the metro station (which is around 300m away from the Vatican). A guided tour is not a bad idea, you will say; but it is.

Leaving beside the fact that you won’t have enough time to enjoy the Vatican because you will have to stick to the guide, the guide won’t even take you through the whole museum (I didn’t even see the Egypt exhibition). Another disadvantage is that, most probably, the guide will stuff your head with information you don’t need or are not interested in exchange to telling you the most important part of the history. But the biggest disadvantage, I would say, is the enormous price you will pay comparing with the actual price.

  • Actual price: 16 euros
  • Price with guide: 40-50 euros

The only advantage these tours present is that they allow you skip the line. So if you are in a hurry, and have little time to spend in Rome, spending more money on a guided tour might be a good idea.

Having this said, let’s see how you can avoid the scam. It’s simple: only buy tickets from the Vatican City counter, situated in the main court.

May the travel bug bite you!

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  1. This is great advice! My first time to Italy I went to the Vatican Museum and we didn’t get the guided tour. Instead, we pre booked our tickets online for right when it opened in the morning. We were among the first 500 people into the Vatican for the day. So if you’re crunched for time, just schedule an earlier ticket because the line took almost no time at all and you’ll still pay the regular ticket price and be able to explore at leisure.

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