In the center of Bulgaria, in the Balkans, you can find a very unusual building, now in ruins, build by the former Bulgarian communist party. The construction began in 1974 and it was carried by the Bulgarian army while many artists worked on statues and murals. On the tower on top of the building, a star is rising in honor of Soviet Russia.

The construction ended in 1981 and, after the government’s fall from power in 1989, it was left in decay. Although entrance in the building is not allowed, the view is quite impressive and imposing. The building is visible miles away and it stands as a symbol of Bulgarian identity.

The road to the UFO monument is not in it’s best shape and it slides through the forest. Halfway up the mountain you will find two massive fists holding torches which seem to watch over the Buzludzha peak. To reach the monument, you can climb the stairs from the sculpture or you can drive by car.

Visiting Buzludzha can be done as a half a day trip from Veliko Tarnovo. For me, it was an interesting ride to a place full of history.

May the travel bug bite you!


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