Let’s start the party in Pag, Croatia!

Zrce beach in Pag, Croatia, is the place for party animals: clubs which are open 24h a day, people dancing in swimming pools, foam being thrown all over the place and booze everywhere. Although locals don’t seem very happy about the new wave of tourists coming in, partying all day, a new Ibiza is definitely emerging in Pag.

My favorite place was definitely Noa Beach Club. The club is set up on the surface of the sea and it has some awesome partying vibes. The photo below might convince you.

Besides the famous DJs and all the partying, there are all sorts of activities one can do on Zrce beach such as: jet skiing, bungee jumping and banana boating. However, the best part of the beach is the beautiful view it has. Don’t expect to find sandy beaches anywhere in Croatia. There is not such thing as sand in Croatia. There are only stones. My advice would be to bring a yoga mat if you want to lay down at the sun.

If you decide to have some fun in Zrce, you can easily find accommodation in Novalja, a town near the famous beach. From there, you can take either the bus or a taxi. We chose to go by taxi and we paid approximately 15 euros for one ride which is a reasonable price if you are at least two persons.

I definitely loved Pag Island and Zrce beach. Just a little tip: if you find yourself in the area don’t forget to also visit the olive gardens of Lun, where you can find some of the oldest olive trees in Europe!

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.

May the travel bug bite you!


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