Monthly Travel Journal – August & September 2020

The last two months have been pretty hectic and unfortunately, I was left with almost no time to publish new content on the blog. I know that almost nobody wants to hear about travel right now but the reason why I still want to publish new travel content is because I’m confident that sometime next year the world will go back to normal and we will be able to travel again safely.

Leaving the blog aside, a lot of things have happened these past two months. Since the beginning of this pandemic, Dan has been working from home and for the next few months, he will continue to do so. The only reason why we were living in Bucharest was because of Dan’s job but since he’ll continue to work from home, we decided to move.

It was a spontaneous decision. We were already a bit frustrated because there’s not much to do in Bucharest and the city is extremely busy so we decided to move to Brasov, my home town.

I left Brasov about 10 years ago when I went to university in Bucharest and I never imagined that I would ever come back. If someone asked me a few years ago if I’d ever leave Bucharest, I would have said “NO”. However, priorities change.

I wanted to move to a place where traffic and pollution are not part of the daily life. I wanted to move to a beautiful city, where in the free time I could go explore nearby attractions and the best location for all these is Brasov. Not to mention that my parents also live in Brasov.

There are some things that I will miss about Bucharest. I’ll miss my favorite burgers from Vivo (if you ever plan to visit Bucharest, make sure to include this restaurant in your itinerary) and I’ll miss my favorite cake from Rue du Pain, another place I warmly recommend. However, I’m excited about moving to Brasov and I can’t wait to share with you a few travel guides about the city I was born in.

Looking for a new apartment to rent was quite stressful. I wanted a spacious 2-bedroom apartment in one of the new residential areas of Brasov and we were lucky to find exactly what we needed. It took us a while to bring all our stuff from Bucharest to Brasov but towards the end of September we managed to move into our new home.

I haven’t finished decorating our new apartment so no photos for now. Stay tuned for the next monthly journal if you want to see our new crib.

Our first weekend in Brasov
Brasov Old Town

Even though this pandemic has completely changed our lives and plans, I’m grateful that Dan works from home and we can spend a lot of time together, in a safe environment. Even though we used to travel a lot, for now I don’t feel the urge to go to new countries and places. My only concern right now is staying healthy.

Apart from moving to another city, nothing exciting happened in my life. I started watching a new TV series called “Leftovers”. The story is about what happens in a world where 3% of the total population suddenly disappears. The story is quite nice but a bit frustrating too. Even after almost 2 seasons it hasn’t been revealed what happened to the people who disappeared.

Blog updates

With the fall of the travel industry, my blog is suffering too. It’s a bit frustrating to see such low traffic numbers but I’m optimistic about the future. It’s a difficult period for all of us, travel bloggers but the sun will rise again.

Meanwhile, I’m doing my best in terms of creating new content. I’m also updating older posts and I want to keep improving this blog. I’ve invested a lot of effort and love in this blog during the past years and I’m planning to keep working on it even though this is an extremely hash period of time.

Here are the latest blog posts:

Thanks for reading my monthly journals and for being a part of my journey. See you next month! Stay safe!

May the travel bug bite you!

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