Join my mentorship program, tailored for your needs!

I will teach you how to create a successful travel blog and monetize your passion! Learn how to properly set up your site, attract readers, and work with brands.

Are you ready to transform your passion into a profitable business?

Starting a travel blog might be overwhelming with so many well-established influencers and content creators. It might seem like there’s no space left for your voice to be heard but I’m here to tell you that there’s always room for unique voices and hard-working & creative people.

Nothing can be achieved without hard work, motivation, and knowledge. This mentorship program is designed to cater to your own struggles and needs. I will design a personalized plan that will help your travel blog grow organically.

This mentorship program is for you if…

  • You’re at the beginning of your travel blogging career and you need a mentor to guide you through your journey.
  • You want to start a WordPress travel blog but you feel overwhelmed.
  • You’re looking for a proven recipe for success.
  • You want to understand SEO and learn how to use it to attract traffic to your website.
  • You want to use your blog to work with tourism boards and brands.
  • You want to learn how to maximize your blog income and learn successful monetization strategies.

Who am I?

I’m Aurelia Teslaru, the writer and content creator behind Daily Travel Pill. My story as a travel blogger and content creator began about 4 years ago. 250 blog posts later, Daily Travel Pill is one of the biggest travel blogs worldwide.

I grew from 0 to 150,000 monthly page-views and more than 13,000 email subscribers. My blog is the reason why I had the chance to visit destinations such as China, Lapland, Slovenia, and many others. But to get here wasn’t easy.

It took 1000’s of hours of testing and learning, countless sleepless nights, and a lot of frustration. However, over the years I managed to find the recipe for success in the travel blogging industry and now I’m here to share it with you together with Dan, my travel partner, photographer, and tech guru.

This one-on-one mentorship program will combine my knowledge about content creation, SEO, and monetization with Dan’s knowledge about speed optimization and other technical stuff.

Who is Dan?

Hi, I’m Dan Moldovan and I’m a programmer. I have more than 10 years of experience in programming and I’m here to make your life easier.

Even though I’m passionate about travel, my biggest passion is programming. Everything related to technology excites me and I am here to make sure that the tech part of blogging won’t keep you from starting a travel blog.

I’ll help you to properly set up your website, choose your hosting, install a responsive theme, manage your plug-ins, and much more! If you feel that something’s not working, I’m your man!

Why choose this one-on-one mentorship program?

The curriculum is tailored to your needs

We’ll have an introductory 30 minutes call where we’ll discuss at what stage in your blogging career you are. I’ll then adjust the course so that it matches your goals.

You’ll have access to tech support

Dan will be there to answer all your tech questions. He’ll teach you everything you need to know about speed optimization and setting up your WordPress.

You can ask us anything about travel blogging

We’re here for you! Every week, there will be half an hour (in addition to the one-hour one-on-one course) dedicated to your questions.

You’ll learn how to organically grow a travel blog

This course is about creating content that will bring you traffic and money for years to come. Let’s chase that passive income!

Course curriculum reference (the final curriculum will be tailored to your needs)

Week 1 – Welcome and introduction – 30 minutes
Getting to know each other. Setting your expectations
Short introduction to this course
Establish which are the things you already know about travel blogging
How to find a domain name if you don’t already have one
Week 2 – How to properly set up your blog
How to choose a hosting provider and a hosting plan
How to set up your WordPress
The importance of SSL, installing SSL
The importance of CDN, installing CDN
How to choose a user-friendly theme
Which plug-ins to install and which plug-ins to avoid
How to create pages, posts, categories and menus
Essential blog pages and how to build them
How to write a compelling author bio
How to create your logo from scratch
Setting up Google Analytics & Webmasters Tools
Week 3 – The right strategy for creating content
How to write blog posts that will reach thousands of people
Why Google traffic is important
Evergreen content vs viral content vs personal content
How to structure your blog posts
How and when to write a blog post disclaimer
Words to avoid when writing a blog post
Useful external tools explained
How to drive traffic to your blog
Week 4 – The importance of SEO and how to use it
What is SEO and why you need it?
Image optimization
How to research and choose your keywords
How to build links to your blog
How to write strong headlines
Everything about speed optimization
Why user experience is important
The importance of internal linking and how to do it right
Google indexing process
Google ranking factors
Week 5 – How to create a passive income and monetize your blog
How Affiliate Marketing works
Affliliate marketing networks vs individual affiliates
Which affiliates to join as a travel blogger
How to implement affiliate marketing on your blog
How to make money from ads
How to create and sell your own products
Week 6 – How to work with brands and create your email list
Setting up your subscription box & email list
How to attract subscribers
How to choose the right email server provider
How to keep your subscribers engaged
How to build your media kit & what to include
How to send pitches
How to find brand collabs
How to set your rates

This mentorship program is packed with bonuses! Here they are!

  • You’ll receive all my Lightroom preset packages (worth $56). With my presets, you’ll create stunning photos for your travel blog and social media channels.
  • You’ll receive access through email to me and Dan for one more month after the course ends. You can ask us anything, anytime!
  • After each session, you’ll receive a recording of it so that you’ll have access to all the information you need.
  • You’ll receive a checklist with all the steps you need to follow when publishing a new blog post.


Do I need a blog to start this course?

No, you don’t. If you don’t have a blog yet, I will help you set up one. I’m here to make your journey as easy as possible and I will get you through all the steps of choosing a blog name, buying a domain, choosing a hosting, and so on.

Can we schedule the calls together?

Definitely! After subscribing to this course, you’ll get an email from me with all the details. We’ll schedule the calls together. If you have a busy schedule, we can work on weekends.

I am not a travel blogger. Is this course a good option for me?

Even though 80% of this course’s lessons apply to any niche, there’s still 20% that only applies to travel. This course is good for anyone who’s planning to start a blog but it’s great for those who want to start a travel blog.

How many hours does this course have?

We’ll have an introductory 30-minute call, followed by 5 sessions of 1 and a half hours each. In total, we’ll spend 8 hour together.

Do you offer refunds?

If after 2 sessions you feel that this course is not for you, I will happily offer you a refund.

Is my payment secure?

Yes! You can pay through PayPal or use your credit/ debit card. All the payments are processed securely through PayPal.