Travel advice for backpackers

While traveling, you will find many unexpected situations. Below is a list with some advice learned the hard way. The list is open and any suggestions are welcome. Also, as I will think of more tips and tricks, I will add more to it. Hope it helps!


  1. Pack light. When traveling, the baggage may become a burden
  2. Bring a credit card with you, not just a debit/credit card. Some countries deny the combo card
  3. Always know when the last train/bus/tram is coming and plan to take the previous one
  4. Carry your backpack in front when in trains and small and crowded spaces
  5. Protect your passport with your life
  6. Divide your money in two. Take on part with you, and leave one at the hostel/hotel, well hidden in a secret pocket
  7. Learn how to say ‘thank you’ in the country you are visiting
  8. When going on a tuktuk or a motorbike taxi, always have small money to pay for your journey. The driver may leave without giving you your exchange
  9. Always buy travel insurance
  10. Keep printed and digital copies of important documents such as: flights, credit cards, accommodation confirmations, passport and leave a copy with a family member or close friend
  11. Pack an extra change of clothes in the cabin baggage in case the other bags get lost
  12. Stick to small souvenirs
  13. Take with you the small samples of soap and shampoo from the hotels you stay at. You will need them later
  14. Always have a pen in your bag

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