50 Prettiest European Villages

by www.dailytravelpill.com

1. Colmar, France

Located in Alsace, at the border between France and Germany, Colmar is known for its colorful houses and winding canals.

2. Ghent, Belgium

Perfect to visit as a day trip from Bruges, Ghent is one of the most underrated destinations in Europe.

3. Reine, Norway

When it comes to natural beauty, Reine is the perfect destination. Small houses sit on the cliffs' edge creating a unique view.

4. Menton, France

Situated on Cote D'Azur, Menton is a colorful city with splendid beaches and excellent restaurants. Add it to your bucket list!

5. Bled, Slovenia

When in Bled, make sure to visit the castle, Vintgar Gorge and take a boat ride on Bled Lake. Also, try Kremsnita, a delicious dessert.

6. Hallstatt, Austria

One of the most picturesque villages in Europe, Hallstatt can be explored in one day. For the best view, head to the Salt Mine.

7. Kotor, Montenegro

This Medieval town is one of Europe's hidden gems. Visit Kotor Cathedral, hike to the fortress and take a day trip to Perast.

8. Rothenburg, Germany

Some houses here date from the 900s. The most photogenic location in this village is Plonlein Corner.

9. Giethoorn, Netherlands

Also called the Venice of the North, Giethoorn is best explored by boat. Admire the fairytale houses and enjoy a relaxing day!