Why Lake Bled should be on your travel bucket list

There are so many under the radar places in Europe which are stunning and even more spectacular than the well known places and Lake Bled is one of them. Well hidden in Slovenia but just 55 km away from Ljubljana , this little piece of paradise keeps attracting more and more tourists each year.

Known for its thermal water, Bled might seem more appealing to elderly people but, in fact, it’s a place that will leave anyone in a state of awe. Situated at the base of the Alps, the city is surrounded by mountains with the medium altitude of 500 m and it has a population of around 6000 people.

  1. Blejski Otok

In the middle of the city, there is this wonderful crystal clear turquoise lake with a beautiful tiny island – Blejski Otok. An interesting fact is that Blejski Otok is the only natural formed island in Slovenia.

You can start relaxing by taking the boat to the Gothic church on the island – Church of the Assumption. The boats that will take you to Blejski Otok and back have a unique design which is not found anywhere else. There is only one person rowing and they have long benches on each side of the boat, covered with canvas.

The ride is definitely worth your time and your eyes will thank you later for seeing all the beautiful views. 

2. Bled Castle

Another activity I would recommend doing would be visiting the Bled castle which is the oldest castle in Slovenia. Almost from any part of the city you will be able to see it as it is situated on the top of one hill nearby the lake. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get to the castle and I deeply regret it. Hopefully, this summer I will be back in Bled and I will have another chance to visit it!

Also, when taking a walk around the lake do not forget to bring some bread crumbles for the swans! They are so cute and friendly!

3. Vintgar Gorge

Nearby Bled, at about a 20 minutes drive from the city, you can visit Vintgar Gorge. The water running through the gorge has the most beautiful blue-greenish color I have ever seen. Apart from that, the waterfalls at the end of Vintgar Gorge are beautiful and, with a bit of luck you can even see a rainbow.

The trek is an easy one with mostly straight passages. It is the perfect place for a morning or evening walk.

I visited Bled at the end of May and the city was not at all crowded. Accommodation can be found easily and, comparing with other Europeans countries nearby, such as Austria, it is quite cheap. For one night in an apartment with 2 rooms, private sauna and lake view, we paid 100 euros. Food is also affordable and really tasty.

I will definitely get back soon as this place stole my heart forever!

Make sure to add Bled to your list and let me know how much you’ve liked it!

May the travel bug bite you!



  1. Mojca
    May 25, 2017 / 9:16 pm

    Hi, thank you for a nice article about my country 😊. Living abroad, I really miss the opportunity to visit Bled more often…
    All very best!

    • dailytravelpill
      May 28, 2017 / 7:16 pm

      I am planning to go to Slovenia again this summer! Can’t wait!

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