Love Waterfall, Sapa and its incredible legend – complete guide

Apart from the trekking routes, rice fields and food, Sapa has a little hidden gem. The Love Waterfall is situated just 14 kilometers away from the city, surrounded by unspoiled nature. I absolutely loved this place. It is incredible how connected I felt with the nature there. I recommend visiting the Love Waterfall, Sapa and I am going to tell you why below.

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Why you should visit the Love Waterfall, Sapa

  1. Admire the beautiful nature

    path to Love Waterfall, Sapa, Vietnam
    Path to Love Waterfall

    The waterfall starts from the peak of Fansipan Mountain which is the highest peak in Vietnam. To get to it you will need to walk through the forest for about 30 minutes. Don’t worry, there is a paved path and stairs that will lead you straight to it. The scenery along the way gets more and more beautiful only to end with the majestic 100 meters tall Love Waterfall. This is definitely one of the best waterfalls in Sapa.
    buffalo in Sapa, Vietnam
    Breath in the fresh air and admire the wonders of nature. If you are lucky enough, you can even see some buffaloes.

  2. Be a part of the legend

    Love Waterfall view in Sapa, VietnamRead more about the top 45 waterfalls in Asia here!

    The legend says that a long time ago, this waterfall was the place where fairies bathed. One day, one of the fairies heard a young boy playing the flute and fell in love with him. She then came to the Love Waterfall every day to hear his songs. Unfortunately, her parents found out and forbade her from ever coming back to the waterfall. The fairy was so sad that she transformed herself into a bird just to be able to be together with her love forever. This is why this place was named the Love Waterfall.

  3. You can have the Love Waterfall for yourself

    Love Waterfall Sapa closeup
    Since this place is not yet on tourists’ radar, you will have the chance to have the entire waterfall just for yourself to admire. When we visited, there were only two other people. We were really happy to be in a quiet place, away from the Sapa chaos.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. The water is freezing cold

    If you are planning to take a bath in the waterfall, you should reconsider it. It is possible but there is a high chance that you will catch a cold – the water is freezing. I put my feet in the water and after 5 seconds I could barely feel them.

  2. Bring comfortable shoes and water with you

    You will have to climb a few stairs and walk on wooden bridges. Therefore, having comfortable shoes is a must. Also bring a bottle of water with you since once you enter the site there aren’t any shops. You can buy one from the kiosks near the parking lot.

  3. Love Waterfall Sapa entrance fee

    Right near the parking lot there is a kiosk where you will have to pay 70,000 VND (for adults) or 30,000 VND (for children) in order to visit the Love waterfall. I don’t usually agree with paying to see the nature but in this case I believe that the money is actually invested in maintaining the pathway and cleaning the area.

  4. Love Waterfall Sapa opening hours

    Unfortunately, the opening hours are not displayed but I am sure that you can visit whenever you want. There is a chance that if you visit very early in the morning, there won’t be anyone at the ticket office.

How to get to Love Waterfall, Sapa

Considering that there is no public transport from Sapa to the Love Waterfall, there are only 2 options of getting there. On the way to the Love Waterfall, you will pass by the Silver Waterfall. Consider visiting it too.

  1. Motorbike

    If you are feeling confident about your driving skills, you can rent a motorbike for one day from Sapa for around 180,000 VND (don’t forget to negotiate the price). The road is quite difficult and if you don’t have enough experience driving a motorbike, I would totally recommend taking a taxi.

  2. Taxi

    You can ‘rent’ a taxi for a few hours or for the whole day from Sapa. It should cost around 550,000 VND to see both Love Waterfall and Silver Waterfall. The taxi driver will wait for you while you visit them. Make sure to be clear when negotiating the price about where you want to go and what you want to visit.


Most of the tourists only visit the sights nearby Sapa. However, going the extra-mile and visiting the Love Waterfall will definitely be worth it. A beautiful place, hidden between the mountains, this waterfall is a must see for travel and nature enthusiasts around the world.

May the travel bug bite you!

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Love Waterfall Sapa, Vietnam

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  1. July 4, 2018 / 12:18 pm

    What a wonderful name for a waterfall, and I loved the story about the fairy – even though I don’t understand why she had to turn herself into a bird, she could have just stayed a fairy and rebeller against the parents ? But I guess that’s how all of these cute fairytales usually are, magical and not logical?

    • dailytravelpill
      July 5, 2018 / 2:07 am

      Haha…that’s so true!

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