One day at Shiseido Spa – Stejarii Country Club

Everyone deserves a little pampering now and then and there is no better place for pampering than a spa. I recently had the chance to spend one day at the best spa in Bucharest, at the luxurious Shiseido Spa – Stejarii Country Club, as part of the Experience Bucharest event. I have never felt more spoiled and relaxed in my life! I must say, this place is any girl’s dream!

What is Stejarii Country Club?

Stejarii Country Club is the place to go to relax or practice sports. Located in Baneasa Forest, the club is surrounded by nature and its architecture is a proof that nature and design can co-exist.

Stejarii Country Club has a surface of 50.000 square meters and it accommodates: 2 indoor tennis courts and 2 outdoor tennis courts, a fitness center, a semi-olympic pool, a boxing studio, 2 squash courts and many other amenities. However, I must admit that from all the amazing possible activities, the one that has drawn my attention was the Shiseido Spa.

What is Shiseido Spa?

Founded in 1872. Shiseido is a Japanese company which is focused on skin care, hair care and cosmetic products. The company was founded by Arinobu Fukuhara, born in 1848 and educated in Western medicine. He opened the first Western-style pharmacy in Tokyo.

Being one of the oldest cosmetic companies in the world, Shiseido is the largest cosmetic company in Japan and the fourth largest in the world. However, you can find Shiseido products only in selected stores and pharmacies.

The good news is that Stejarii Country Club has the first dedicated Shisedo Spa in eastern Europe and you can enjoy here a relaxing day in a luxurious environment in the capital of Romania.

Shisedo Spa at Stejarii Country Club

Here you will discover the place where you will forget all your worries and daily problems while enjoying the facilities that the spa has to offer: 7 Shiseido treatment rooms, 2 Thai massage rooms, a scrub room with Vichy shower, Zen room, Vitality pool, saunas, Hammam and a beauty salon.

Thai massage

I think that my favorite part of the Shiseido Spa was the Thai massage. It was a half of hour filled with pure joy and relaxation. All the therapists at Stejarii Country Club have formal training in the domain and they are professionals. The massage is focused on releasing the Qi energy, which symbolizes the vital energy that runs through our bodies. It is incredible how half an hour of massage can change your state of mind and.

Vitality pool

I have also enjoyed my time at the Vitality pool where I have enjoyed the awesome view and the hydro massage beds. The experience was completed by a cup of black tea brought by the awesome Stejarii Country Club staff. I felt totally spoiled.


The Hammam was also one of the highlights of my visit. After 10 minutes in the Hammam, I can guarantee that no toxin will remain in your body. You will feel fresh and your skin will be the happiest!

Zen room

To end my journey, I have enjoyed the Zen room. Here, your body will enjoy an influx of oxygen while relaxing on water beds. You can choose from a variety of scents: eucalyptus, roses, sea grass and frangipani. It’s up to you if you prefer one scent at a time or combine them.


At the end of my ‘me time’ experience at the Shiseido Spa, the staff at Stejarii Country Club was kind enough to surprise me with an awesome gift: a tennis ball signed by our beloved Simona Halep, currently no 1 WTA, who is training at the club’s tennis courts. How awesome is that?

I totally recommend Stejarii Country Club to anyone who wants to be pampered in a luxurious spa with amazing facilities and staff. I will definitely go back soon.

Thanks Stejarii Country Club and Experience Bucharest for this amazing experience!









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