Playa El Bollullo Tenerife – A hidden gem worth visiting

Are you looking for a hidden beach in Tenerife, a place where you can relax away from the masses of tourists? Head to the beautiful Playa El Bollullo and you’ll fall in love with this place.

I’ve been to many beaches in Tenerife. Beaches like Las Teresitas, Playa del Duque or Los Gigantes are pretty popular and busy. I wanted to find an off-the-beaten-path place, a beautiful beach unknown to most tourists and I’m happy to tell you that I’ve found that place. It’s called Bollullo Beach, located on the northern coast of Tenerife Island.

Bollullo Beach Tenerife, Playa el Bollullo Tenerife

The access to Bollullo is a bit more difficult and maybe this is why most tourists skip this beach. However, once you get to this beautiful black sand beach, you can completely relax and admire the views.

In this post, I’ll share everything you need to know when planning a visit to Bollullo Beach. From how to get there, to prices and facilities. Let’s get to it!

1. How to get to Bollullo Beach, Tenerife

Bollullo Beach Tenerife, Playa el Bollullo Tenerife

Bollullo Beach is located just a few kilometers away from Puerto de la Cruz. It’s a 45-minutes walk from Puerto de la Cruz, but I recommend renting a car.

From the main circle road, it’s a relatively short drive to Bollullo Beach. However, don’t be fooled by the appearances. The road is narrow, suitable for only one car. If another car comes from the other direction, you’ll have to find a refuge area. There are a few of them along the road.

road to Bollullo Beach Tenerife
Road to Bollullo Beach

Be extra careful at curves because most of the time, you won’t be able to see if another car comes from the opposite direction.

The good part is that the views are beautiful. You’ll pass by banana plantations. Did you know that the most exported goods in Tenerife are bananas?

At the end of the road, you’ll arrive at Restaurante Bollullo Beach. Here, you can park your car for 3 EUR. If you’re hungry or thirsty, stop at this restaurant. There is another restaurant right on the beach, but this one looks nicer.

Bollullo Beach Parking
Parking lot

To get to Playa El Bollullo, I recommend renting a car. Unfortunately, there is no public transport to this beach. In Tenerife, it’s affordable and convenient to rent a car. We paid a little over 30 EUR for a car and we managed to see most of the island in 2 days.

If you’re looking for a rental company, I recommend Oasis. The communication with them is great and you can even rent the car from one area and leave it in another area.

2. Getting down to Bollullo Beach

From the parking lot, there is a path leading to Bollullo Beach. There are a few stairs, but the path is in good condition. It takes around 15 minutes to get to the beach.

I recommend bringing some water with you. Even if going down the stairs might seem easy, climbing them back up is a bit more difficult.

Bollullo Beach Tenerife, Playa el Bollullo Tenerife

Along the way, you can enjoy the views of Bollullo Beach and the ocean. You’ll also pass by a small blue shrine called Cueva de Nuestra Senora del Carmen.

3. What to expect at Playa El Bollullo

Once you get to this beautiful black sand beach, take a few moments to admire its beauty. The sand is very fine and pleasant to touch and the water is perfect for swimming.

Bollullo Beach Tenerife, Playa el Bollullo Tenerife

You’ll find many locals at Bollullo Beach. It’s one of their favorite spots since not many tourists get here. Usually, the beach is not busy at all, but you need to keep in mind that in terms of facilities, Bollullo Beach is not the best.

There are no lifeguards, no changing rooms, no sunbeds to rent and no showers. There is only one small chiringuito, aka beach bar. Here you can have a drink or eat some seafood.

Bollullo Beach Tenerife, Playa el Bollullo Tenerife

The beach is about 200-meters long and 40-meters wide. During the day, there is no natural shade so make sure to bring some sunscreen and a parasol.

Bollullo Beach Tenerife, Playa el Bollullo Tenerife

When it comes to water sports, there are no options at Bollullo Beach. Here you can only enjoy the nature’s beauty and swim in the ocean. It’s one of those places where nature overwhelms you.

4. Swimming at Bollullo Beach

Bollullo Beach Tenerife, Playa el Bollullo Tenerife

The water is perfect for swimming. However, you have to be careful because sometimes the currents are pretty strong. Also, depending on the weather the waves can be pretty big.

Keep in mind that there is no lifeguard, so don’t venture too far away from the shore. Also, there are a few rocks in the water. Try to avoid them!

Bollullo Beach Tenerife, Playa el Bollullo Tenerife

5. Places to visit near Bollullo Beach

Puerto de la Cruz, the most important touristic area in Northern Tenerife, is located only a few kilometers away from Bollullo Beach. I recommend stopping by Playa del Castillo, another beautiful black sand beach.

El Castillo Beach

You can also visit Parque Taoro, a beautiful park with tall palm trees and waterfalls. The vegetation here is incredible and the park offers some of the best views towards the ocean in Puerto de la Cruz.

-> Other must-see places in Tenerife:

6. Where to stay in Tenerife

There are thousands of hotels to choose from in Tenerife. It’s hard to choose between them, but I’m here to help you! These are the best hotels on the island, for every budget.

  • Budget – Atlantic Holiday Hotel – amazing ocean view, beautiful modern studio, good location, friendly staff, good amenities
  • Mid-Range – Labranda Bahia – beautiful pools, good location, spacious rooms and good services, friendly staff, all-inclusive
  • Luxury – Fantasia Bahia – perfect for couples and families, excellent services, all-inclusive, huge & modern rooms, beautiful pools

7. Final thoughts

Bollullo Beach is one of the best beaches in Tenerife. It’s one of those places where nature is still untouched. It’s the perfect destination for those who want to spend a relaxing day in a beautiful place, in the middle of nature.

The beach is surrounded by tall cliffs, giving it a cozy vibe, while the water is perfect for swimming year-round. If you’re planning to visit Tenerife, make sure to add Bollullo Beach to your itinerary!

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments section below. May the travel bug bite you!

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Bollullo Beach Tenerife, Playa el Bollullo Tenerife
Bollullo Beach Tenerife, Playa el Bollullo Tenerife
Bollullo Beach Tenerife, Playa el Bollullo Tenerife
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