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Greece is well known for its beautiful crystal clear water and for its picturesque islands and Thassos is no exception to the rule. Also known as the ‘Emerald Island’, Thassos is situated in the Kavala Gulf and it is a mountainous island. To circle Thassos, you will have to drive for abou 100 km. Therefore, the island is quite big and it has a lot to offer in terms of tourism.

Thassos has all the elements needed for a wonderful vacation. From amazing landscapes to friendly locals and tasty food, your vacation will be memorable! Read below my complete guide to Thassos, Greece to find out everything you need to know about this place.

Things to know about Thassos

Thassos economy relies on: tourism, marble, timber, olive oil and honey. Tourism has begun to be an important part of the economy since the 1960s. However, compared to other Greek islands, it is not so well developed. This is why you can still enjoy the authentic Greek culture here.

One of the things that will make your stay in Thassos memorable is the hospitality of locals. People are very friendly and willing to help. Even when going to a restaurant, they will act like they’ve known you for years!

The best beaches in Thassos

If you are planning to travel to Thassos, keep in mind the next 4 beaches as they are the most beautiful on this island.

  1. Golden Beach

    Being the biggest beach in Thassos with a length of approximately 1 km, Golden Beach or Chrysi Ammudia is also one of the most beautiful beaches on this island.

    I have to agree that it is my favorite one because: it is big enough and not crowded, it is surrounded by mountains, the water deepens gradually – this means that the water is warm even at the beginning of summer. And of course, I love Golden Beach for its wonderful clear blue water.

  2. Marble Beach

    Considered by some the most beautiful beach in Thassos, Marble Beach is known for its turquoise water. This beach is unique because instead of sand, there are small marble stones and combined with the clear water, it results the most incredible view.

    – Do not forget to bring your flip flops. Stepping on those tiny marble stones can be pretty painful.
    – The Marble beach has quite a small surface. Therefore, you might want to get up early. At about 11.30 am people start to flood in.

  3. Giola – Thassos Natural Pool

    Giola, Thassos is a rocky, naturally formed pool with no connection to the sea. However, when the waves are big enough, the water floods in the pool. I know you will be tempted to take a swim but you must take maximum precaution because the sea urchins are everywhere!

    The access to Giola is quite difficult if you are going for the first time. If you are coming from Limenaria, you will have to take the first right after the Aeria Hotel. You will see that after a few minutes, the road will go left and you will have to climb a hill. I must warn you that the road is in a pretty bad condition. After you turn left, you will see on your right an improvised parking and this is the spot where you have to leave your car. From there, you will have to walk downhill. You will pass by a former restaurant and then you will get to Giola.

    If you want to take some awesome shots of this place, make sure to be there very early. We were there at 7 am and the first people started to come at 9.30 am.

  4. Aliki Beach

There are two beaches in Aliki situated in two different gulf areas, separated by a string of land. Both of them have beautiful views and several pubs and restaurants nearby where you can have a drink or eat.

Other Places to visit in Thassos

  1. Archangel Michael Monastery

    Located on a cliff, above the sea, this monastery is a perfect place to spend some time together with your thoughts and to admire the incredible view it offers. Even if you are not a religious person, it is definitely worth to visit because Archangel Michael Monastery has an impressive architecture.

  2. Potos

    This quaint town, deserves a visit for its traditional architecture and cute bars. If you get to Potos, do not forget to try these doughnuts filled with different types of delicious creme.

The best food in Thassos

Fish is the main dish in Thassos (ah, I made a rhyme!). Apart from fish, other well known Greek dishes are: Greek salad and Tzatiki sauce. As a desert, you can try yogurt with jam. I know it doesn’t sound great but trust me, it’s delicious!

Ok, but ‘Where can I eat the best Greek food in Thassos?’ you might be asking. There is a single answer for this question: Traditional Taverna George-Kinira, also know as Taverna Gioros. Not only do they have the best Greek food I have ever eaten, but it is probably the best restaurant I have ever been to!

How to get to Thassos

The most convenient way is to go by car. Once you reach Keramoti you will have to take the ferry to reach the island. For a small car and two persons we have paid 25 euros – one way. The ferry ride is an experience itself. Just make sure to bring some biscuits with you and the seagulls will love you!
Visiting Thassos by car is the best option because many of the most beautiful beaches are situated on different parts of the island and you will have to drive between them. Also, remember that the public transport is not very well developed.

Accomodation in Thassos

I would recommend searching for accommodation depending on where you want to go to the beach. For example, I have stayed in Limenaria but I drove almost every day for about one hour and a half both ways to Golden Beach. If I would have to choose again, I will definitely choose a place closer to Golden Beach.

However, I loved the hostel I stayed at. It was really clean and the owners were very friendly. Therefore, if you want to stay in Limenaria, do not hesitate to search for Homelia.

Being my first visit to Greece, Thassos has stole my heart and it made me want to come back as soon as possible. I don’t know if it is because of the people or the landscapes or the crystal clear water or the food but Thassos surprised me in a very pleasant way!

If you are planning to travel to Thassos, I hope that this Thassos travel guide will be helpful for your trip.

May the travel bug bite you!

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