Bophut Fisherman’s Village Koh Samui – a complete guide

One of the main attractions in Koh Samui, Bophut Fisherman’s Village is the perfect place if you’re looking for awesome restaurants or shopping opportunities. It’s a nice place to take a walk, relax and eat local food.

Bophut Fisharman's Village boat

1. About Bophut Fisherman’s Village

Once you enter the village, you will notice the unique architecture – almost all the houses are built of wood. In the past, this area was home to a thriving fishermen community but more recently most of them moved in search of a better life.

Nowadays, the old wooden houses are home to tens of local and boutique shops which offer a wide range of products: clothes, souvenirs and accessories. You can also find many hip restaurants with amazing views towards the sea.

Bophut Fisharman's Village main street
We visited Koh Samui in the rainy season. Hence, the lack of tourists.

While you’re in Bophut Fisherman’s Village Koh Samui, don’t hesitate to also visit the Bophut Beach. Although in my opinion it’s not the best beach on the island (check out the best secret beaches in Koh Samui here), it’s still beautiful and clean.

Parking: finding a place to park your motorbike inside the village can be challenging since there are only a few parking spots. Therefore, I recommend parking your scooter somewhere outside the village. The parking is free.

Entrance fee: there is no entrance fee

Opening hours: the village is opened 24/7. However, if you want to go to the night market, you should go on Fridays from 5pm until 11pm.

2. Bophut Fisherman’s Village shopping

Take a walk on the Fisherman’s Village walking street and you will be amazed by all the beautiful shops. If you are looking for a place to shop for souvenirs, I think this is the best one in Koh Samui.

The good news is that you can find things suitable for any budget and any taste.

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Bophut Fisharman's Village shopping street

Even though the shops on the main street are opened everyday, on Fridays from 5pm until 11pm you can enjoy the Bophut Fisherman’s Village night market. On the main street which is usually empty, you will now find hundreds of stalls and wooden shops full of souvenirs.

This is a shopping heaven!

If you are wondering what you can buy here, I’ll give you a few examples: t-shirts, home decor, accessories, handicrafts, custom made clothes, accessories, tours and many others.

Tip: don’t forget the golden rule of Southeast Asia: always negotiate the price!

3. Bophut Fisherman’s Village best restaurants

You will find many restaurants with both international and local cuisine at Bophut Fisherman’s Village. Below are my favorites:

Coco Tam’s

This is by far my favorite restaurant in Koh Samui. Situated right on the sea shore, it has a rustic, authentic vibe. If you want, you can also try their awesome bar which features swings instead of chairs. How cool is that?

Bophut Fisharman's Village restaurant

In terms of food and drinks, Coco Tam’s has a wide range of options. Their cocktails match perfectly the beach vibes and the food consists mainly in snacks and pizza.

Greenlight Cafe

If you are looking for vegetarian options, you should definitely try the Greenlight Cafe. Their mostly vegetarian menu includes dishes with cheese, vegetables, wholegrain oatmeal and many others.

Their ingredients are locally sourced and organic!

The Shack

If you are a meat lover, you should definitely try The Shack. With their gigantic burgers and tasty ribs, you won’t leave hungry.

4. Bophut Fisherman’s Village best hotels

Bo Phut Resort and Spa

With excellent reviews, Bo Phut Resort and Spa is among the most luxurious resorts on the island. With a beautiful pool overlooking the sea, it offers a wide range of rooms: form basic ones to villas with private pools.

To check out this place, click here.

Smile House Resort

Located right near the beach, Smile House Resort is great if you have a medium budget. The rooms are big and clean and the resort has an amazing pool. If you are looking for a good value for money place, this is just perfect.

To check out this place, click here.

Amethyst Boutique Hotel

If you are on a budget, Amethyst Boutique Hotel is great. It’s situated right in the heart of Bophut Fisherman’s Village, it’s clean and it has a pleasant design.

To check out this place, click here.

5. How to get to Bophut Fisherman’s Village

As always in Koh Samui, the easiest way to get around the island is by motorbike. You can rent one for about $7-$8 per day. It’s cheap and convenient.

You can also rent a car or take the songathaew (wait for it anywhere at the main circular road and wave when you see it). Read more about all Koh Samui transport options here, with prices!

May the travel bug bite you!

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Explore the Fisharman's Village in Koh Samui and discover countless boutique stores, restaurants and pubs. Read more about it here.

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