The EPIC Eden Island, Hurghada | Egypt’s Maldives

Hurghada is the jewel of the Red Sea and an absolute dream for all snorkelers, scuba divers and beach lovers. With temperatures remaining above 20°C even during the coldest of winters, it is an all year round holiday destination.

The waters are warm, inviting and crystal blue with acres and acres of colourful reefs, all teeming with life virtually everywhere, from a few metres from the shore to miles out in the open sea. One of the most beautiful beaches and finest snorkelling spots around Hurghada, is Eden Island, which many people refer to it as Egypt’s Maldives!

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Attention! Contrary to its name, Eden Island Egypt, is not actually an island, but the latest beach, developed in 2022, on the larger of the two beautiful Giftun Islands. It lies about 10 kilometres offshore from Hurghada.

This narrow island is less than six kilometres long and is completely encircled by marine-rich coral reefs. Apart from a few other established beaches, there is nothing else man-made here. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite places in Hurghada!

1. How to get to Eden Island

The only way of getting to Eden Island is by boat, with cruise boats from the ultra-modern Hurghada Marina. The trip to Eden Island, takes roughly an hour, but most boats stop at the famous and stunning Sabina Reef, for some sublime snorkelling amongst the myriads of brightly coloured fish and lush coral gardens. This is just a small taste of what is to come for the rest of your day.

eden island hurghada

When arriving at Eden Island, big boats normally drop anchor a few hundred metres offshore and guests get ferried to the island in smaller boats. 

Pro tip: I recommend booking your tour online. The price includes the boat transfer (two ways), hotel pick up and drop off, snorkeling guide and buffet lunch.

2. How much does a day trip to Eden Island cost?

Eden Island Beach lies between two other developed beaches, Mahmya and Paradise Beach, on the southern end of the island. You can walk to both these beaches from Eden.

A day trip to Eden Island costs from about $80 per person and includes transport from and back to your hotel, all entry fees, buffet lunch, all non-alcoholic drinks, use of umbrellas and sun loungers on the beach and a snorkelling guide. All you need to bring is towels and sunscreen.

I absolutely loved Eden Island and I think that the price is well worth it. It’s a one-day activity that will leave you speechless.

eden island hurghada

3. What to expect at Eden Island

When you set foot on Eden Island, you may feel like Robinson Crusoe, being greeted with fine golden sand and crystal clear turquoise water, teeming with tiny fishes. The shallow waters stretch a fairly long way out before dropping off onto the coral reefs, making it a perfect beach for families with small children. There are a few beautiful swings on the water’s edge.

The beach has many sun loungers and thatched umbrellas for guests to chill out, while the restaurant offers an amazing buffet meal and ice cold drinks. They even serve delicious ice cream on this otherwise deserted island. Toilets are ultra-modern and clean, but unfortunately, no showers…yet. Perhaps they will soon follow. 

eden island hurghada

Oh, by the way, if you’re needing a beer, take a short walk to Mahmya Beach. It’s another incredible place that’s worth a visit – one of Hurghada’s hidden gems!

Eden Island Beach is designed for one thing only – relaxation! After lunch you are free to explore the shoreline or put on your goggles and flippers and meet a few thousand more colourful reef inhabitants. You could also choose to float gently in the shallows on miles of open beach, or just lie on the sand soaking in the sun and the incredible views of the ocean. Island life at its very finest.

Being a fairly new beach, Eden Island is not that well-known yet and therefore less crowded.

After a most relaxing day, you’ll begin the trip back to the marina on the mainland, from where you can admire the most beautiful sunset as the sun disappears behind the desert dunes in the distance.

eden island hurghada
Hurghada Marina

It’s best to book your tour to Eden Island Egypt online. For more info and bookings, click here.

Keep in mind that usually, when going to a beach in Egypt, you have to be careful about what you wear. However, when visiting Eden Island, you can wear anything you want, including a two-piece bikini set, since this place is mostly visited by foreign tourists.

For detailed information about what to wear when visiting Egypt, check out my Egypt dress code guide.

4. Snorkeling at Eden Island, Giftun Islands

Without a doubt, snorkelling anywhere in the Red Sea is amongst the finest diving sites in the world. The reefs are full of interesting caves, crevices and sheer drop-offs, covered wall-to-wall with the most colourful and spectacular corals, sponges and anemones. Here you can find over 2000 species of fish, many of which are found nowhere else on the planet.

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Among the most common reef fish, you’ll find dainty little clown fish, multi-coloured parrot fish, trigger fish, coral trout, lionfish and the most exquisitely decorated butterfly fish. Bizarre-shaped giant Napoleon Wrasses often put in a welcome appearance, while shoals of trevallies and “tubing” barracuda always make an impressive sight.

Keep an eye on the sandy seabed for the beautiful blue-spotted stingray, or the elegant spotted eagle rays as they “fly” effortlessly in mid-water. Whichever reef you visit it will be like diving in an aquarium. 

For a detailed guide about incredible snorkeling places in Hurghada, check out my guide!

5. The best time to visit Eden Island

As stated earlier, the Red Sea is an all year round destination, even in December, when Europeans are freezing their buns off, people are catching a tan here. The busy season is obviously during the summer, but be aware that temperatures can become unbearable reaching into the forties sometimes.

September to November and between March and May, will be far better, as it is a little cooler. Also, the water is still warm and there are less tourists too. 

eden island hurghada

I visited Eden Island in November and it was perfect! The weather was warm enough to wear t-shirts and the water was just perfect for snorkeling. Also, it was not crowded at all! For more things to do in Hurghada, click here.

6. Where to stay in Hurghada

There are plenty of hotels in Hurghada to choose from. However, my advice would be to opt for a mid-range or luxury hotel. Keep in mind that a 5-star hotel in Egypt is like a 3-star hotel anywhere else.

Below are some of the best hotels in Hurghada, for every budget. I stayed at Fort Arabesque and loved it! I also had the chance to visit Rixos Premium and let me say – it’s an incredible hotel!

  • Budget – Panorama Bungalows – beautiful resort with clean rooms and good amenities, friendly staff, close to Hurghada city
  • Mid-Range – Fort Arabesque – excellent for snorkeling, spacious and clean rooms, all-inclusive option, great food, beautiful pools
  • Luxury – Rixos Premium – incredible resort with multiple pools and restaurants, luxurious rooms, excellent amenities

7. Final thoughts

Although there are literally hundreds of beautiful beaches, coves and islands with acres of lush coral reefs bursting with life, all along the Red Sea and especially around Hurghada, many people rate the two Giftun Islands, amongst the best and most relaxing destinations, and keep coming back year after year. The reason is not hard to find. 

The new Eden Island Beach is the latest jewel added to a string of beautiful sites on this island paradise. Don’t forget to book your trip in advance, if you want to visit this incredible place! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments section below. May the travel bug bite you!

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