25 Things That Will Happen Once The Lockdown Is Over

Whether you’re dreaming about eating out, taking a walk around your favorite park, or drinking a beer with your friends, you’re waiting for the lockdown to end.

Even if some countries are stricter, others more relaxed, everyone is waiting for everything to go back to normal. However, things might never be the same. 

If you’re wondering what life after lockdown looks like, read this post. These are 25 things that will happen when the lockdown is over.

Life after lockdown

1. All hairdressers will be booked for at least one month.

2. Nobody will ever underestimate the importance of toilet paper.

3. You’ll promise yourself to lose weight and you’ll buy a new gym subscription that you’ll never use.

4. You’ll be stuck in traffic for hours but this time you won’t get mad about it.

5. You’ll hug your loved ones longer and tighter.

6. You’ll book that holiday you always dreamed of.

7. Good luck getting a reservation at any Asian restaurant in town.

8. You’ll head to the first pub and get drunk and talk about how bad the lockdown was.

9. You’ll continue washing your hands like never before.

10. You’ll be happy to see all your work colleagues but at the same time, you’ll wish to be back in your living room, under a blanket.

11. You’ll go to your favorite restaurant in town and eat your favorite dish and it will be the best ever.

12. When your friends will invite you out, you won’t make any excuses and you’ll go.

13. You’ll buy tickets for festivals you never heard of.

14. You’ll see the beauty in the little things.

15. You’ll think more about protecting the nature.

16. You’ll dance in a club until 6 am for the first time and you won’t be tired.

17. Going to school won’t be that bad.

18. You’ll miss staying at home in pajamas 24/7.

19. Girls will head to the first beauty store and spend all their money.

20. You’ll catch up with friends but you won’t have any significant news to share. Eating all day and watching Netflix doesn’t count.

21. You’ll spend more time with your loved ones.

22. Boys will head to the nearest bar and get drunk.

23. All your girlfriends who are in a relationship will be pregnant.

24. You’ll explore new places in your city that you always wanted to see but never had the time.

25. You’ll stop complaining about everything.

I know that we’re all waiting to resume our lives but meanwhile, let’s listen to the authorities and stay safe. If you’d like to virtually travel to incredible places, take a look at my Instagram.

To read more about the WHO’s recommendations, click here.

What do you think will happen after lockdown?

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