35 Reasons why you shouldn’t visit Romania

Are you considering Romania as your next holiday destination? Think twice! In this post, I’m going to talk about all the reasons why you shouldn’t visit Romania.

Before heading directly to the comments section to tell me what a mistake I’ve made, make sure to read through this post. These reasons might actually surprise you!

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Reasons why you shouldn't visit Romania
Reasons why you shouldn't visit Romania
Reasons why you shouldn't visit Romania

1. The landscapes in Romania are boring

pile of hay in Romania

2. Our traditional clothes are dull

Girl dressed in traditional Romanian clothes in a traditional house

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3. Going to the seaside is not even worth it

Mamaia seaside view
Mamaia Beach

4. The roads in Romania are terrible

Transfagarasan during the night

5. Our monasteries are average

Sucevita monastery in Romania
Sucevita Monastery

6. Hiking in Romania is just a terrible idea

Bran Moeciu near Brasov, Romania
Bran-Moeciu near Brasov

7. Our people have no stories to tell

Romanian old man

8. Our traditional food is meh

A bowl of Romanian sarmale

9. Palinca is unremarkable

shots of Romanian palinca

10. The Merry Cemetery won’t take your breath away

Merry Cemetery in Maramures, Romania
Merry Cemetery, Maramures

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11. Romanians are not talented at all

Romanian seller

12. There are no places left to explore in Romania

Romanian mountain view

13. We don’t have any beautiful small villages

Romanian orthodox church in a small village

14. Walking on the streets is boring

The streets of Sighisoara with colorful houses

15. There’s nothing to do in Bucharest

Bucharest during the night

16. Dracula’s castle is definitely overrated

Bran Castle, Romania

17. There’s nothing interesting about the architecture

Building facade in Romania

18. You should definitely skip the salt mines

The interior of Turda salt mine in Romania
Turda Salt Mine

19. And the castles

Peles Castle Romania
Peles Castle

20. There are no natural wonders in Romania

Dragon's Gate Romania

21. The big cities are super-boring

Iasi drone view
Iasi, Romania

22. There are no cultural events in Romania

Romanian Atheneum in Bucharest

23. The man-made statues are not worth seeing

Decebal Statue Danube Romania
Decebalus Statue

24. The Danube Delta has nothing to offer

Danube Delta at sunset in Romania

25. There are no impressive buildings

Palace of Parliament Bucharest in spring
Palace of Parliament, Bucharest

26. The lakes of Romania will never leave you speechless

Balea Lake drone view, Romania
Balea Lake

27. Muddy volcanoes can be found all around the globe

Muddy volcanoes in Romania

28. There are no interesting Romanian traditions

Traditional Romanian Easter eggs

29. All the villages look the same

Biertan village in Romania
Biertan village

30. There’s nothing special about our traditional houses

Romanian traditional house

31. There are no fairy-tale places to visit

Corvinilor Castle in Romania
Corvin Castle

32. There’s nothing spectacular about the sunsets

Sunset in Romania in nature

33. All the cities look the same

Brasov, Romania

34. Don’t even think about trying papanasi

Romanian papanasi

35. A road trip in Romania is never a good idea

Curvy street through the forest in Romania - drone view

Final thoughts

After reading this, would you visit Romania? There are countless reasons to visit this beautiful country. It was extremely hard to only choose 35.

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May the travel bug bite you!

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  1. March 15, 2021 / 1:28 am

    you know what? all your reasons make me want to go there now

  2. takes the cake
    August 27, 2021 / 4:22 am

    Wow hater much, and no 11 to say that an entire country of people is untalented, that is really harsh, I have met people from Romania and they have loads of talent. You obviously hate the country but other people might not.

    • Aurelia Teslaru
      January 19, 2022 / 9:25 am

      Please read the article again 🙂

    • Bret Weir
      March 1, 2022 / 5:51 pm

      35 individual moments of sarcasm, and every single one of them flew right over your head. Scary.

  3. Nisch
    October 10, 2021 / 2:04 am

    I’ll be visiting Bucharest for 5 days in mid-October. I’m really looking forward 😉

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