Thai Vi Temple – a peaceful place in Ninh Binh Province

Well hidden inside the mountains, the Thai Vi Temple is located just a short walk away from Tam Coc, Ninh Binh Province. Unlike Tam Coc which is mostly full of tourists, you will find an oasis of tranquility here. When we visited it, we were basically the only ones in the area. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and rice fields it is hard no to feel at peace and relaxed.

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Ninh Binh Thai Vi Temple road

If you have more than one day in the Ninh Binh Province I would totally recommend visiting the Thai Vi Temple not only for the temple itself but also for the beautiful nature surrounding it. Among other Ninh Binh must see attractions are Bich Dong Pagoda and Trang An boat tour.

The road to Thai Vi Temple

The road starts near the Tam Coc Lake and in only about 100 meters you will feel like you have stepped into another world. You will see a big valley full of rice fields, with just a few scattered houses. There is a good reason why Ninh Binh is also called the dry Halong Bay.

Tam Coc river Ninh Binh - road to Thai Vi Temple

A few more steps and you will be welcomed by the bridge with the most beautiful view in Ninh Binh. Standing on it, you can admire the Tam Coc River making its way through the mountains. Also, don’t be surprised if you see Vietnamese people rowing boats with their feet. Don’t forget to also take a Tam Coc boat tour!

When you will get closer to the Thai Vi Temple, the quiet can be overwhelming. The mountains make a good job in isolating all the sounds from the city. I absolutely loved this place – the only sounds I heard were the birds singing.

About Thai Vi Temple

Thai Vi Temple Ninh Binh

The Thai Vi Temple was built by King Tran Thai Tong in 1258 after his victory of the invading Chinese forces. The temple has gained popularity due to its cultural value but also because of the stone carving art of Ninh Binh’s sculptors. The main parts of the temple are built from stone, as well as the altar and worshiping items.

If you happen to visit the temple during 14th – 17th of March, you can also enjoy the Thai Vi Temple Festival. The purpose of the festival is to commemorate the kings of Tran Dynasty. When the festival takes place, the number of tourists visiting the temple doubles. They are mostly attracted by the festival activities such as: dragon dance, human chess, rowing and wrestling.

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Where to stay in Ninh Binh

I’ve been searching for the best accommodation in Ninh Binh. Below are the best hotels, for every budget:

  • Budget – Tam Coc Craft Homestay – great location, big & comfortable rooms, very clean
  • Mid-budget – Hidden Charm Hotel & Resort – amazing pool with a view, good location, spacious rooms, breakfast included
  • Luxury – Aravinda Resort – amazing location near the limestone mountains, luxurious rooms, super-friendly staff, excellent breakfast

How to get to Thai Vi Temple

  1. Walk

    The Thai Vi Temple is situated just 1.5 kilometer away from Tam Coc. Therefore, the easiest way to get there is by walking. This way, you will also have the chance to admire the views and take a deep breath of fresh air.

    Ninh Binh rice fields - road to Thai Vi Temple

  2. By bike or motorbike

    The road is easily accessible by both bike and motorbike. For renting, ask at your accommodation or hotels nearby.

  3. By organized tour

    There are many tour companies which organize daily tours in the Ninh Binh area and include the Thai Vi Temple in their itinerary. Below are a few examples:

I absolutely loved the area around the Thai Vi Temple even though I wasn’t really impressed with the temple itself. However, I believe that the temple is worth visiting, especially if you are spending more than one day in the Ninh Binh Province.

May the travel bug bite you!

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Thai Vi Temple Ninh Binh Province

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