Trang An boat tour – prices, routes and tips & tricks

The Trang An boat tour is probably the most touristic activity in Ninh Binh Province. People from all around the globe come here to admire the caves and temples while enjoying a peaceful boat ride. The limestone mountains popping out of the water create an incredible scenery and it’s no wonder so many people fall in love with this place.

If you are in the area, you can also visit the Hang Mua Peak, the Thai Vi Temple or take a boat tour in Tam Coc.

Why you should take a Trang An boat tour

1. Admire the breathtaking scenery

Amazing view from Trang An, Ninh Binh

I find the scenery at Trang An boat tour very similar to Halong Bay – tall, round mountains with lush vegetation, surrounded by water. With every turn, the boat ride uncovers more and more stunning landscapes. From time to time, birds fly and sing peacefully. Everything about this place is magical.

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2. Invest in the local economy

Trang An boat ride. Vietnamese rower in a boat

Many Vietnamese people living in the Ninh Binh Province rely heavily on tourism as their main source of income, including the locals who row the boats. By taking a boat tour at Trang An, you are contributing to the local economy. Don’t forget to leave a tip for these hard working people (anything between 20.000 VND and 40.000 VND would be great).

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About Trang An boat tour

Trang An boat routes map
The first thing you will see when entering the site will be a big map with the 3 tour options. Each tour has a different route and it will take you to different caves and temples. However, no matter which route you choose, the tour price and duration are the same. Read below more details:

1. Route 1 – 9 caves, 3 temples

This route is designed for those passionate about geology. It is the only tour that will take you through that many caves.

2. Route 2 – 4 caves, 3 temples

This route is the most balanced one with a fair number of caves and temples to visit.

3. Route 3 – 3 caves, 3 temples

If you want to enjoy the limestone mountains, then this route is definitely for you. Most of the tour will be out in the open air.

Ninh Binh Cave Trang An

The ticket office is right on the left side of the map (the one from the picture above). Each boat can accommodate maximum 4 people and the price per person is 200,000 VND.

If you are a group of 2 you will have to look for some partners to fill the empty spots. If you don’t find anybody, you will have to pay the full price of 800,000 VND per boat. However, I would’t stress too much about it as the influx of tourists at Trang An boat tour is very high.

Evey boat has one guide/ rower who sits in the back of the boat. Although the boat tour is safe, make sure to put your life jacket on before starting the tour.

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Things to keep in mind:

Vietnamese guide at Trang An boat tour, Ninh Binh

  • If you are planning to take a boat tour in the middle of the day, do not forget your hat and sunscreen home. There is little to no shade along the way.
  • Bring water and food (something sweet or a sandwich) as the boat tour will take about 3 hours.
  • Each boat has an extra pair of paddles. If you want, you can use them and help your guide. I can imagine that paddling for that many hours per day can get pretty tiring for the guides.

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How to get to Trang An boat tour

There is no public transport available to the Trang An boat tour. Therefore, I recommend the options below depending on where you are located.

1. From Ninh Binh city or Tam Coc

If you are staying in any of the above cities, the easiest way to get to Trang An boat tour is either by motorbike or taxi. You can rent a motorbike for one day for about 150,000 VND per day. The taxi will cost you around 15,000 VND per kilometer.

2. From Hanoi

There are many tour companies which offer one day or two day tours to Ninh Binh area. Below are a few suggestions:

Where to stay in Ninh Binh

I’ve been searching for the best accommodation in Ninh Binh. Below are the best hotels, for every budget:

  • Budget – Tam Coc Craft Homestay – great location, big & comfortable rooms, very clean
  • Mid-budget – Hidden Charm Hotel & Resort – amazing pool with a view, good location, spacious rooms, breakfast included
  • Luxury – Aravinda Resort – amazing location near the limestone mountains, luxurious rooms, super-friendly staff, excellent breakfast

Taking a Trang An boat tour is a must when visiting Ninh Binh. I would recommend spending at least 2 days in the area. Far less touristy than Halong Bay, Ninh Binh offers spectacular views and many attractions to choose from. Read below which other tourist hot spots you can visit in the area.

May the travel bug bite you!

More about nearby attractions:

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