The best beaches in Uluwatu, Bali – don’t miss no 6

A paradise for many, Bali is well known for its amazing beaches and surf waves. People travel from all around the world to relax on the white sand beaches and enjoy the clear water. Since I lived in Bali for two months, I’ve visited many of the popular beaches but I have also discovered some hidden gems.

Below I am going to share with you the best beaches in Uluwatu and near the area. Are you a surfer or you just want to get tanned? I got you covered.

Disclosure: to get to the beaches in South Bali you will have to descend a lot of stairs so don’t forget to bring your most comfortable slippers with you.

1. Tegal Wangi Beach

Tegal Wangi Beach Bali

I am going to start with my favorite: Tegal Wangi Beach. One of the best Uluwatu beaches, this one is unique due to its natural formed pools. Even though the waves are pretty big and a bit scary, you can easily chill in one of the natural pools on the seashore. These are the ultimate jacuzzi!

What I also loved about this beach were the high cliffs surrounding the beach. They definitely added to the beauty of this place. Even though Tegal Wangi Beach is quite small, it has one of the best views in Bali and it’s still unknown for most of the tourists.

If you are looking for a romantic beach to spend the evening, don’t hesitate to catch the sunset here! Keep in mind that there are no restaurants/ shops on or near this beach.

Tegal Wangi Beach entrance and parking fee: free

Check out my full guide to Tegal Wang Beach, Bali here.

2. Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach Bali

If you are looking for a more touristy place with lots of shops and restaurants then Dreamland Beach is the place to go. Also known as a surf spot, Dreamland beach has clear waters but it was a little bit too crowded for my taste. If you want, you can rent chairs with parasols for about 50,000 IDR – 100,000 IDR. Don’t forget to bargain!

To get away from the crowds, just walk along the beach and you will find some quieter spots.

Dreamland Beach entrance and parking fee: the entrance to the beach is free but the parking is 5,000 IDR.

3. Suluban Uluwatu Beach

Suluban Uluwatu Beach Bali

Welcome to the surf paradise! Known as the best surfing spot in Bali, Suluban Uluwatu Beach has some impressive waves – even if you are just standing on the beach watching them.

Once you descend all the stairs from the parking lot, you will have to walk through some mini-caves to get to the beach. I loved that the beach was not very crowded and the water was perfect for a swim. Also, the cliffs near it offer some shade during the hot days.

Don’t forget to explore the place and discover all the hidden caves and rocky openings.

Suluban Uluwatu Beach entrance and parking fee: the entrance to the beach is free but the parking is 10,000 IDR.

4. Labuan Sait Beach

Labuan Sait Beach Bali

On our way home from Suluban Uluwatu Beach, we decided to stop at Labuan Sait Beach and we were not disappointed. The water was perfect for swimming although the bottom of it is a bit rocky.

Labuan Sait Beach is also a good place for surfing for both beginners and advanced surfers. On the beach there are a few shops and restaurants so you won’t have to worry if you’re getting hungry or thirsty.

Labuan Sait Beach entrance and parking fee: the entrance fee is 10,000 IDR per person while the parking costs 2,000 IDR.

5. Nyang Nyang Beach

Nyang Nyang Beach Bali

I would say that Nyang Nyang Beach is definitely one of Uluwatu’s best beaches. I loved that the beach is relatively unknown to tourists so you can go and admire the nature’s beauty all by yourself.

The natural pools formed near the seashore are home to some amazing ecosystems. Just take a few steps into the water and you will discover algae, crabs, fish and all kinds of living creatures. To be this close to nature is truly a miracle.

Although the water level is quite low near the shore, there are some impressive waves (10 meters tall) further into the ocean so beware of sneaker waves.

Nyang Nyang Beach entrance and parking fee: free

6. Green Bowl Beach

Girl at Green Bowl Beach Bali

This little, hidden beach has stole my heart. Once you get to the parking lot, you will be welcomed by a bunch of cute monkeys. Make sure not to leave anything in your scooter’s pockets or else the monkeys might steal it.

Once you descend all the stairs, you will get to this little beach which is right in front of some tall cliffs. Inside the biggest cave there is also a temple so don’t be surprised if you’ll see local people praying.

Green Bowl Beach shells and corals

One of the best beaches in Uluwatu, the Green Bowl Beach is home to some incredible marine life. If snorkeling is not your thing, you can definitely admire all the corals and shells washed out on the beach by the waves.

Green Bowl Beach entrance and parking fee: free

7. Karma Beach

Karma Beach Bali at sunset

With its white sand beaches and blue water, Karma Beach is one of my favorites Bali Uluwatu beaches. Although the waves are too dangerous for surfing, Karma Beach is perfect for getting a tan or just relaxing at the cliffs’ shadow.

Karma Beach Club Bali

If you want to relax even more, you can go to a massage right on the beach or enjoy a cocktail at the fancy Karma Kendara Club. There is even a luxury hotel right on the cliff behind the club which has a private funicular. If you’re feeling like splurging a bit, make sure to check Karma Kandara Uluwatu Hotel out!

Karma Beach entrance and parking fee: parking is 5,000 IDR while the entrance to the beach is free.


Enjoy these amazing beaches in Uluwatu, Bali and don’t forget to bring your camera with you to take some amazing photos!

May the travel bug bite you!

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