Tipping in Slovenia – WHEN, WHO & HOW MUCH?

I had the chance to visit Slovenia a few years ago when I road-tripped the Balkans. It’s a beautiful country and I had the chance to visit Lake Bled and a few other hidden gems.

The first thing I did when I arrived in Slovenia was to Google “tipping in Slovenia”. When going to a restaurant or taking a taxi, I want to know if tipping is expected and more importantly, how much I should tip. I’m sure you’re reading this article for the same reason.

Well, I’m here to rescue you! Here’s everything you need to know about leaving tips in Slovenia.

Tipping etiquette in Slovenia, how to tip in Slovenia, how much to tip in Slovenia

1. Slovenia currency

Like many other countries in the European Union, Slovenia’s currency is Euro. You’ll find plenty of ATMs around the country, as well as exchange offices. All exchange offices will exchange USD but if you have some other currencies, it might be necessary to go to a bank.

If you plan to visit remote places and get off-the-beaten-path, it’s best to bring cash with you.

Tipping etiquette in Slovenia, how to tip in Slovenia, how much to tip in Slovenia

2. Tipping in Slovenia – When, Who and How Much?

As someone who comes from a country where tipping is always expected, I’m pleased to announce you that tipping in Slovenia is not expected. In most cases, you should use your best judgement to decide if you want to tip or not.

However, there are a few things you should consider. The minimum wage in Slovenia (probably the salary that most waiters get) is very low – somewhere around 900 EUR. People who work as tour guides, waiters or receptionists are extremely grateful when they receive tips.

Tipping at restaurants in Slovenia

When going to a restaurant in Slovenia, a 10% tip is much appreciated. However, don’t feel any pressure to do so. If you liked the food and the service and your budget allows you, leave a tip as a sign of gratitude.

If you felt that the service was below expectations or you simply don’t want to tip, then simply pay the bill and that’s it.

Tipping etiquette in Slovenia, how to tip in Slovenia, how much to tip in Slovenia

Tipping taxis in Slovenia

Unlike other countries in Europe, tipping taxi drivers in Slovenia is not a must. The drivers don’t expect you to tip. However, if you’re feeling generous you can round up to show your appreciation.

For example, if the ride costs 7,40 EUR you can pay 8 EUR and so on.

Tipping hotels staff in Slovenia

It’s not expected to tip hotel employees in Slovenia and locals rarely do so. If you really really want to tip, leave a couple of euros on your nightstand before leaving. The cleaning lady will be very happy.

3. Conclusion

The tipping etiquette in Slovenia is pretty simple – tip if you want to and if you feel that the services provided were beyond expectation. Don’t feel pressured to tip anybody and enjoy your vacation!

If you want to add a few incredible secret places to your Slovenia itinerary, make sure to read my guide. Also, read this Bled travel guide in case you want to visit this beautiful lake.

May the travel bug bite you!

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Tipping etiquette in Slovenia, how to tip in Slovenia, how much to tip in Slovenia
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