What are Romanians like? – 15 surprising personality traits

 As a tourist in Romania, you will notice that Romanians are friendly and open. Romanians will make sure that you’ll feel welcomed in their country but there are some cultural differences that you need to be aware of.

To avoid the cultural shock, I’ve listed below some characteristics that make us, Romanians unique. Of course, Romania is a diverse country and not all its residents are the same but these cultural characteristics will definitely help you when traveling to this beautiful country.

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1. Romanians are talkative and assertive

Romanian people talking

Romanians like to talk. A lot. Don’t be surprised if you see strangers starting a conversation on public transport. If you’re traveling long distances by train, expect to be asked where you’re going, where you’re coming from and what you’re doing in Romania. This is our way of being friendly. 

When in a social group, everyone is expected to share experiences, even personal ones. We like to dig deep into other people’s lives. Invading someone’s privacy is our way of saying “Hey, I like you. Wanna be my friend?”.

2. Romanians like to complain about everything

If there’s a trait of personality that defines each and every Romanian, this is it – we like to complain. Even when we don’t have something to complain about, we’ll find (I mean, invent) something.

From politics to health to traffic, nothing seems to ever satisfy us. We complain to friends, work colleagues and pretty much anyone who ever gets in contact with us. However, complaining is acceptable only among ourselves. Hearing someone from a different country complaining can be interpreted as a sign of weakness.

If you ever hear a Romanian complaining, try to be sympathetic and empathetic to his “struggles”. This is how you make a good impression.

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3. Romanians are open

We are open to anything. We are open to new technology, new ideas, new cultures, new everything. After the restrictions of the Communist regime stopped, Romanians were left with an unsettled hunger for new.

For us, new equals opportunity which gets me to the next point.

4. Romanians are adaptable and resourceful

Romanians are creative when it comes to finding solutions to problems. We like shortcuts and we adapt extremely well to new circumstances.

Also, Romanians have an entrepreneurial spirit that is impossible to stop. We always think about how to make more money with less effort. We’re constantly searching for the dream life and we won’t stop until we find it.

5. Romanians have a good sense of humor

Romanian people socializing

Romanians love a good laugh. We find humor in any situation. I think this is our way of overcoming our struggles. We make jokes about everything but we never mean to upset anyone.

If a Romanian jokes about you, don’t take it personally. Respond with another joke instead and you’ll become a part of the gang!

6. Romanians love to gossip

Gossip is a part of every Romanian’s daily life. Romanians don’t only gossip about their families or work colleagues but also about close friends. We are not direct people so we prefer to share our frustrations in the shape of gossip.

7. Romanians are kind and generous

Sharing is in our culture. If you get the chance to visit a local’s home, you will be welcomed with the best food, drinks and atmosphere. We expect you to indulge in everything and appreciate our effort.

You can’t leave a Romanian’s house without eating all the food served. Moreover, sometimes you might even get some takeaway. Don’t refuse it! We love sharing.

Also, Romanians love offering and receiving gifts. It doesn’t matter how big or small the gift is. 

8. Romanians speak many languages

Almost every Romanian speaks English (especially the younger generations). However, Romanians also learn in school a second language. Usually they can choose between German and French.

If you need help or you’re just looking for directions, do not hesitate to ask in English. Most probably, there will be someone who can understand and help you.

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9. Romanians don’t like to be criticized

We like to complain about other people or situations but this doesn’t mean that we like to be criticized. Romanians don’t react well to direct criticism. If you have something to say, make sure to do it in a non-intrusive, indirect manner.

10. Romanians are punctual

Romanians punctual

Let’s put it this way – most Romanians are punctual. Punctuality in Romania is considered to be a virtue. People expect you to be punctual for business meeting and when meeting with friends.

There is only one exception to the rule – parties. When a Romanian invites you to a party at 7 pm, what they actually mean is 7.30 pm. Romanians also feel embarrassed if they are the first ones at a party. This is why they always arrive a little bit later than the set hour.

11. Romanians love traditional food

We love to eat steaks, soups and cakes. Every religious celebration is a good reason for Romanians to cook unreasonable amounts of food. Also, no meal is complete without a little dessert.

We take pride in our traditional food and honestly, it’s quite delicious! If you want to try some, make sure to eat sarmale, mamaliga cu branza, and papanasi. You’ll thank me later!

12. Romanians love to party

Romanian party

Yes, we do! Every weekend is an opportunity to go out with our friends and have a good time. Even at work, every team building includes partying.

In every big city, there are designated areas with lots of pubs and clubs where Romanians go to have a drink and dance. This is how we have fun after a long week of work.

13. Romanians are hard working

As much as Romanians love to party, when it comes to work things get serious. Romanians are hard working people and work is a big part of their lives. They focus on their careers because in Romania’s society somebody’s social rank is determined by their profession and career.

Actually, Romania is one of the countries where people spend many hours working overtime. The balance between private life and work life is very thin here.

14. Romanians are highly religious

86% of Romania’s population is Orthodox. Even though it seems that only elderly people go to the church, the young generation is quite religious too.

15. Romanians are proud people

Last but not least, Romanian people are very proud. They are proud of their country (even though they complain about everything), they are proud of their traditions and culture, and they are proud of Romania’s natural beauty.

Final thoughts

Every person is different but I believe that these characteristics apply to almost every Romanian. Visiting Romania is a delight as this beautiful country is still unspoiled by mass tourism.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this article. What do you think about Romanians? Let me know in the comments section below!

May the travel bug bite you!

What are Romanians like?
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  1. December 11, 2019 / 7:20 pm

    I really loved your blog about Romanian Culture. Blessings to you from the USA 🙏 I am interested in the food tastes of this region. I am also interested in “gypsy” folklore. Thanks for your great blog!

    • dailytravelpill
      December 30, 2019 / 9:13 am

      I hope you’ll enjoy Romania! When you visit, make sure to try sarmale with mamaliga, papanasi, and mici.

      • Merry joy
        June 28, 2023 / 2:54 pm

        Is this all true and I love Romania as much as people and the culture they are generous and very humble. Always smiling .. Thanks to this article ❤

  2. Yano
    April 6, 2020 / 1:25 pm

    Strange girl from Romania added me on Facebook and im shock on how she found me, im filipino btw
    I love how you share about romanian characteristics maybe they are not all the same as you said but it’s kinda big info thanks it very helpful.

  3. Edd Ridley
    April 8, 2020 / 12:34 pm

    After reading this a must go to have met some lovely Romanians here in UK

  4. Alex Nicholls
    September 15, 2020 / 9:21 pm

    I have never met a Romanian that didn’t impress me at a fundamental level – for their stoicism, dogged determination, maniacal work ethic, unimpeachable integrity, humour and humanity.
    Definitely in my top 5 nationalities on this spinning ball of rock.

  5. Tash
    September 11, 2021 / 8:38 pm

    I actually came here looking for Romanian traits since I recently found out (by DNA test) I actually have a bit of Romanian in me. I thought I’d read about what people think are personality traits often seen in you all. It’s great to read so much I can relate to! Not everything does but that is only to be expected I guess. Nature vs Nurture and all that. I was born and raised (and still live) in the Netherlands. I really enjoyed reading this article, thanks for writing it.

  6. Monica
    May 29, 2023 / 5:35 pm

    Hello 👋🏼 from the U.S. I am Mexican-American. I am chatting with a Romanian gentleman and many of these traits seem to apply. Thank you for the clarification. 😊 It helps with communication as well.

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