Hoi An is every photographer’s dream! Bright colors, beautiful architecture, colorful lanterns and huge rice fields are just some of the elements which make this city a must see if you are a photographer. In Hoi An you will find some unique spots to shoot for your Instagram account. After 10 days spent here, below are my top 6 Instagrammable places in Hoi An.

Tip: if you want to achieve that authentic look & feel for your photos, buy a Non La (traditional Vietnamese hat) and shoot with it. It is a recognizable symbol of Vietnam and it looks amazing in photos too. Do not pay more than 30,000 dong for it!

1. Hoi An lantern shops

Hoi An is well known for its beautiful lanterns so why not take advantage of that and get the perfect shot? Find a lantern shop (it won’t be that hard, trust me), and snap the photo! For the best results, shoot in the evening. This way, the lanterns will be glowing and the result will be spectacular.

2. Hoi An Rice fields

It is true that the rice fields in Hoi An are not that dramatic as those in Sa Pa since they are not terraced. However, this doesn’t have to stop you from taking amazing pictures. My advice would be to go to the rice fields (just near the Nguyen Trai Street) early in the morning, at sunrise. The warm, sunrise light blends perfectly with the bright green of the rice fields. Don’t forget your Non La home and get that Instagram shot!

3. Hoi An Ancient Town walls

You will notice that Hoi An Ancient Town is almost all painted in yellow. This is a perfect background for photos, especially if the model is dressed up in some contrasting colors like light blue or purple. Just find a wall with a texture that suits you and let your creativity flow. Instagram will thank you later.

4. ‘Hoi An vibes only’ pink wall

Located in an interior design store, right in the heart of Hoi An Ancient Town (Tran Phu Street), this pink wall is the perfect background for a photo shoot. I loved the ‘Hoi An vibes only’ writing since it brings a positive vibe to the photo.

5. Hoi An Ancient Town streets

Among all the beautiful, fairy tale like streets in Hoi An, my favorite definitely is Nguyen Thai Hoc Street. The reason why I love this street is because there are so many lanterns hanging above it. Yes, you can find lanterns pretty much everywhere but only here you can see hundreds of them.

Because this street is pretty busy any time of the day, I recommend shooting your subject from a lower perspective. This way, there won’t be any people in the frame.

6. Thu Bon River

Thu Bon River in Hoi An is well known for romantic boat rides at sunset. The reflections of the lanterns and city lights in the water make everything look magical. I would recommend taking a walk by the river and finding an empty spot to shoot the perfect photo.


Hoi An is the perfect place to boost your Instagram photography, especially if you like colors. In this amazing city you must always have your camera ready since there is always something to shoot.

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May the travel bug bite you!

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