How to get from Bucharest to Brasov – all transport options with prices

I’m not saying this because I was born here, but Brasov is definitely the most beautiful city in Romania. Located in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, Brasov is one of the top tourist destinations in the country.

Tourists flock here to enjoy the nature and to explore Brasov’s old town. As Brasov doesn’t have an airport, most of the tourists will arrive in Bucharest and from there, they will have to make their way to Brasov.

Brasov to Bucharest transport

If you are wondering how to get from Bucharest to Brasov, you are in the right place. In this comprehensive guide I will share with you all the transport options, with prices. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose the most suitable transport option for your needs.

1. Bucharest to Brasov distance

There are only 170 kilometers dividing Bucharest from Brasov. However, due to the lack of a proper highway or fast trains, the journey will take at least 2.5 hours no matter which transportation option you choose.

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But let’s look at the bright side! Romania is a beautiful country and on your way from Bucharest to Brasov you will pass by beautiful small villages, charming valleys and tall mountains. Traveling from Bucharest to Brasov is a great way to catch a glimpse of the Romanian countryside and scenery.

If you have a few days to spare in Bucharest, make sure to check out this article and find out which are the best things to do in the capital of Romania.

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How to get from Bucharest to Brasov - transport options
How to get from Bucharest to Brasov - transport options
How to get from Bucharest to Brasov - transport options

2. Bucharest to Brasov by train

Quick update for summer/ autumn 2019 BOOK YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE. The government has recently decided to reduce the number of wagons per train and the seats sell out quickly. Make your reservation online at

Probably the most comfortable way to get to Brasov is by train. In order to take the train, you will have to go to the Bucharest North Railway Station. You can buy the tickets directly from the station. You don’t need to buy online tickets unless you’re travelling during a big local holiday like Christmas or Easter.

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Brasov to Bucharest transport
Bucharest Palace of Parliament

If you want to check the timetable for the Bucharest-Brasov train, you will have to visit the webpage. I will walk you through the steps:

  • at “Departure” enter Bucuresti Nord
  • at “Destination” enter Brasov
  • set the date when you want to travel and click “search”
  • you will be redirected to another page where you will have to introduce a security code and then click “search routes” again
  • now you will get to the page where you can see all the trains available for the date you introduced
  • there are 3 types of trains in Romania:
    • R – the slowest and the cheapest one – I don’t recommend this option
    • IR – the fast option – choose this option
    • IRN – night trains which have sleeping wagons

Choose the most convenient train for you and make sure to be at the railway station with at least one hour before departure time. Buy the tickets directly from the railway station.

Although it sounds a bit complicated, it’s not. If you like to be spontaneous, you can also head directly to the railway station and take the first train to Brasov. There are many trains per day which means that you won’t have to wait for a long time before catching one.

Insider tip: Ask for a seat on the left side of the train, at the window. When you get close to Sinaia, make sure to look outside the window – you’ll see the beautiful Carpathian Mountains. 

Bucharest to Brasov train price

The IR train usually costs around 50 RON ($14) but it’s best to check the price on (use the steps mentioned above).

Trains in Romania

Usually the trains on the route Bucharest-Brasov are never late. However, it’s not unusual for trains to be delayed in Romania so don’t get angry if you’ll have to wait an extra half an hour. Go at a local store and buy some Romanian pretzels – they are delicious. Also, inside the Bucharest North Railway Station you will find a McDonalds and a KFC, just in case you are hungry.

Most of the trains are in good condition. They are clean and comfortable.

3. Bucharest to Brasov by bus

Another option to travel from Bucharest to Brasov is by bus.

If you get carsick easily, DO NOT choose this option. Once you get in between the mountains, the road is very curvy for about 45 minutes.

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Brasov to Bucharest transport
Brasov old town

As a foreigner, trying to find a bus from Bucharest to Brasov is a nightmare. I am Romanian and as I’m writing this post, I tried to search for information in English and guess what, there is non available! Ugh. Even the big websites like rome2rio will redirect you to local websites, where all the information is in Romanian.

I am ashamed to say this but it’s practically impossible to book a bus ticket from Bucharest to Brasov as a foreigner.

Therefore, what I would recommend is to ask somebody at your hotel reception or a fellow Romanian to call one of the following bus companies and make the booking for you. You can try and call too but I am not sure that the employees from these bus companies speak English.

  • CDI – 0722 418 886 or 0723 187 789
  • Fany – 0741 607 941 or 0726 626 644

Note: if you dial from an international SIM card, you will have to add the prefix +40 in front of the above numbers.

Important! Although booking a seat in a local bus is nearly impossible, I’ve found an international website where you can book your seat in a minivan. Click here to see more details.

Bucharest to Brasov bus price

The buses usually cost the same as the train – around $14 or 50 RON.

If you have to choose between bus and train, go for the train. During my university years, I commuted almost weekly between Brasov and Bucharest by train. Taking the train is reliable and definitely more comfortable than traveling by bus.

Important to know: if you choose to travel by bus or car make sure to avoid at all costs the weekends or national holidays. The traffic gets really bad between Comarnic and Predeal and you will end up spending 6 hours or more between Bucharest and Brasov.

4. Bucharest to Brasov by guided tour

If you want take a day trip to Brasov from Bucharest, the best option is to book a guided tour. Taking the train or the bus would be too much of a hustle for only one day. With a guided tour, you won’t have to worry about transport at all!

I’ve searched for the best tours from Bucharest and here are my recommendations:

5. Bucharest to Brasov by car

Renting a car in Romania is easy. If during your trip to Brasov you also want to visit the Bran Castle or Rasnov Citadel, then you should definitely rent a car as there is no public transport available to get there.

I recommend using a big provider such as to search for the most suitable car for you.

In Romania you will have to drive on the right side of the street.

Brasov to Bucharest transport
Bran Castle, also known as Dracula Castle

6. Where to stay in Bucharest and Brasov

I’ve searched for the best hotels in Bucharest for every budget. Here are my recommendations:

  • Budget – The Embassy Nord – good location, modern design, very clean
  • Mid Budget – Hotel Lido – spacious and modern rooms, excellent location, friendly staff, excellent services
  • Luxury – Grand Hotel Continental – city center, a piece of Bucharest’s history, excellent service, beautiful & very clean rooms

If you are looking for accommodation in Brasov, I’ve got you covered. Here are the best hotels in Brasov:

  • Budget – Tampa Residence – good location, modern design, friendly staff
  • Mid Budget – Quiboo – excellent location – historic city center, beautiful design, spacious rooms
  • Luxury – Villa Prato – beautiful decor, very clean, excellent location, friendly staff, breakfast included


If I were a tourist in Romania, trying to get from Bucharest to Brasov, I would definitely choose the train. You can buy your tickets directly from the train station, it’s reliable and comfortable and one of the fastest transportation options.

I will say it again: AVOID AT ALL COSTS traveling by car or bus during the weekend (Friday evening, Saturday morning or Sunday) as you will end up stuck in traffic for at least 6 hours.

May the travel bug bite you!

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  1. Renan B. Armstrong
    May 3, 2019 / 9:25 pm


    Congratiolations for this page !!!

    I’m brazilian and I’m going to Brasov next week (business travel).
    Thank you very much for your hints, I’m sure it will help me a lot when I arrive in Bucharest. 🙂

    • dailytravelpill
      May 6, 2019 / 8:11 am

      I hope you will like Brasov! It is my home city! <3 Glad I could help.

  2. Bill
    May 17, 2019 / 6:29 am

    Great information. Thank you!

    • dailytravelpill
      May 17, 2019 / 10:42 am

      I am so glad I could help!

  3. Rachel
    June 3, 2019 / 3:13 pm

    Very detailed guide … thanks

    Just wonder if you know if any bus that will be bring us back from Braşov to Bucharest, via Transfagarasan? I read it is one of nicest road but we don’t have drive, and wonder if there’s any other way we can do this

    • dailytravelpill
      June 5, 2019 / 10:20 am

      Thanks so much! There is no bus going through Transfagarasan in general because the road is very windy. I suggest renting a car to visit Transfagarasan.

      • Niyaz
        November 3, 2019 / 10:23 am

        Well described & clearly to the point to reply to comments!! Thanks 🙂

        Planning to visit Romania from 28th Nov to 1st of Dec ( 4 days & 3 nights) .
        Plan is to go directly from Airport to Brasov & cover cities like Sibiu, Sighisoara, Timisoara, Maramures.
        Is it possible in the said days & how would be the climate like. Will it be snowy?

        Don’t want too stretched journey also by covering many cities.
        So which all from the list should i choose – Brasov, Sibiu, Sighisoara, Timisoara, Maramures.
        Where all places should we opt for staying ?
        Is Marmures worth visiting during the cold season…will it have the nature beauty those days.

        Thanking you in advance for your valuable opinion

        • dailytravelpill
          November 5, 2019 / 5:39 pm

          Hi, I am sure you will love Romania! Getting to Maramures and Timisoara in just 4 days is impossible. The roads are not perfect and it takes a lot of time to get there. I would recommend staying in Brasov 2 days (one day visit the city and one day go to the Dracula Castle in Bran). You can also take a day trip to Sibiu or Sighisoara. I would choose Sighisoara. Hope it helps!

  4. Leanne
    June 4, 2019 / 5:18 am

    Hi Aura, thanks for sharing. Sorry not sure if it is appropriate to ask you. Anyway, I will just ask. Is there train or buses going to Tansfagarasan route, my friends and me do not drive, so wonder how we can get to see this spectacular route. what do you recommends to get around Romania if we have 5 full days there? It is worth getting a Romania Rail Pass for 3 days. I wonder if most places of attraction have train stations. Thanks in advance!

  5. Joyce Fung
    June 5, 2019 / 9:34 am

    Thank you very much for the information. I will visit Romania in mid-September. Do you think it’s the best choice to stay at Brasov at a center, then from to Sinaia, Bran Castle and Sibiu by day trip? Thanks!

    • dailytravelpill
      June 5, 2019 / 10:22 am

      Yes! Definitely choose Brasov! Sinaia and Bran Castle are pretty close from Brasov. Sibiu can be a little too much for a day trip. I recommend staying one night there. Let me know if I can help you further.

  6. James
    June 21, 2019 / 9:47 am

    This is a great guide thank you, I have really struggled to find information online . Would you be able to tell me how to get to Bran castle from Braşov station by public transport ? Thank You so much . James

    • dailytravelpill
      June 21, 2019 / 11:12 am

      You can take a bus from “Autogara 2 Brasov” (Bus station number 2 Brasov). However, I don’t know the schedule. I am sure that there are many buses per day because many Bran locals work in Brasov. It’s best to go there and ask. Hope it helps.

      • James
        June 21, 2019 / 2:18 pm

        Thank you !

  7. Hanna Sallay
    June 24, 2019 / 2:02 am


    I have a quick question – I plan on driving from Otopeni airport to Brasov .
    Safety is my main concern and would like to know if the road goes through the Transfagarasian passing or is there a different road where I can avoid all the mountains and curves .
    From my research I see there are a couple of roads one that actually bypasses Bucharest altogether from the airport .

    Sitting in a bus where someone else is driving can be possibly more nerve racking as I am not in control …
    Going into town and waiting for a train sounds like a big hustle with bags and up and down to/ from train

    Language hopefully will not be an issue returning after 40 years I still can manage I hope ,so that will be helpful .although I was born in the northwest and never really spent time in Bucharest ..

    Thanks for your time and advice as I am simply looking for a flat, safe road as an access road to Brasov .

    • dailytravelpill
      June 27, 2019 / 11:38 am

      Hi Hanna. The road from Bucharest to Brasov does not pass through Transfagarasan. However, the portion between Predeal and Brasov is a bit curvy. There is only one road to Brasov so unfortunately, you can’t avoid the curvy portion. As long as you drive safely, you’ll be fine. Hope this helps 🙂

  8. Jo
    July 13, 2019 / 9:27 am

    This is blog post is very helpful!! I am going to Romania next week and to Brasov from Bucharest is in my travel plan.
    Thank you!

    • dailytravelpill
      July 14, 2019 / 1:46 am

      Brasov is such a beautiful city! I’m sure you’re gonna love it!

  9. Sylvia Enklaar
    July 14, 2019 / 1:08 am

    Thank you for such information! On advice we take train to Brasov on the Sunday and ha e 2 fullish days and a night.
    Decision – hire car? Warned about driving Bucharest but ok around Brasov to castles and lake?????
    Or can you suggest tours from Brasov ?
    We prefer train and more tiime in Brasov at night. We take cruis to Budapest on the Tuesday and booked accommodation Bucharest

  10. Marlene
    July 17, 2019 / 8:10 pm

    I will be in Brascov next May (2020) with a tour group. I will visit Sinaia, Peles Castle, Bran Castle and Prejmer Fortified Church as part of the tour. One day I can choose between Sighisoara and spending time on my own in Brascov. I think that choosing Sighisoara is the best choice. Do you agree? On another day, I will have several afternoon hours on my own in Brascov. Do you have suggestions for what I should do? I am a strong walker. Thank you for any help you can give me.

    • dailytravelpill
      July 21, 2019 / 2:51 am

      How many days will you be spending in Brasov? Sighisoara is a beautiful city but it is quite far from Brasov. If you have at least 2 days in Brasov, go for Sighisoara. If you have less than 2 days in Brasov, choose another day in the city.

      • Marlene
        August 25, 2019 / 6:48 pm

        Thanks for your reply! I will have only 1/2 day on my own in Brasov. My tour does include a walking tour of Brasov (probably not going inside any site), Bran castle, and a pub crawl. What are the sites that I should try to get to during my 1/2 day? Please give me several suggestions, so that I will have options. Also, where (online?) can I find a printable map of the old town of Brasov? I will be staying at the Kronwell Hotel. Is that within walking distance of the old town? Thanks again for your help.

        • dailytravelpill
          August 30, 2019 / 12:07 pm

          I would definitely recommend spending more time in Brasov. Half day is too little to explore it. Here are some attractions you shouldn’t miss: Black Tower + White Tower (they have some of the best views towards the city), Tampa Mountain (you can take the cable car to the top), the Black Church, The Rope Street (narrowest street in Europe), Republicii Street, Ecaterina’s Tower. Regarding the map, you can try and ask at your hotel. From Kronwell Hotel you will have to take a taxi to the city center. 🙂

          • Marlene Rutt
            August 30, 2019 / 3:26 pm

            Once more, I thank you for your suggestions. I will use what you have written as a guide for my exploration of Brasov.

          • dailytravelpill
            September 1, 2019 / 4:58 pm

            Glad I could help! 🙂

          • Marlene
            September 3, 2019 / 9:08 pm

            Hi Again, and thanks for the info on sites to see. They are now on my itinerary.

            One more question – I have seen several images online of a statue of an angel, or fairy, on a balcony in Brasov. The angel is seated and playing a horn. The statue appears to be metal. Do you know which street this statue is on, and what it is near? I would like to see it. Thanks!!

  11. Sam Button
    August 20, 2019 / 8:57 pm

    Fantastic webpage full of information – thanks!
    I’m having a week in Romania next March (Bucharest – Brasov – Timisoara) and so was just wondering my best travel options?! I imagine the first part will be simple enough (Buch-Bras) but how is public transport going from Brasov to Timisoara, please? Or perhaps there is some other town I could travel to enroute??
    Any advice appreciated, thanks

    • dailytravelpill
      August 22, 2019 / 11:46 am

      Hi Sam. You can take the train From Brasov to Timisoara but most probably you will have to change trains at Arad. The journey will take at somewhere between 10-15 hours. Hope it helps!

    • dailytravelpill
      September 19, 2019 / 7:27 am

      It could be on Republicii Street but I am not sure. There are many buildings with statues like this one. 🙂

      • Marlene
        October 1, 2019 / 10:08 pm

        Thank you! I’ll look for it when I’m on that street.

  12. Christine
    September 30, 2019 / 3:38 am

    Hi, thanks for this blog post! Quick question – my friends and I land in Bucharest at 5pm on a Wednesday, and then plan on taking a train to Brasov right after. The train times are either 6:45pm (the IRN train) or 8:16pm (the RE train, which I assume is the slower one). Do you think it’s possible to catch the 6:45pm train? I read about how bad traffic can be (we plan on taking a taxi to Gara de Nord) and going through passport control could also take some time. Thanks for your help!

    • dailytravelpill
      September 30, 2019 / 8:45 am

      Hi. I am pretty sure you wont’ make it to the 6.45 pm train. The train station is quite far from the airport and the traffic is terrible. It’s exactly the time when everyone in the city goes home from work. I would definitely take the 8.16 pm train. Have fun in Brasov! It’s an awesome city!

  13. Asif
    October 6, 2019 / 11:27 am

    Fantastic webpage with loads of information. Thank you very much. I have noted down many points here which will be my reference guide for the forthcoming trip to Bucharest-Brasov mid-November. Can you advise me on the weather conditions at this time. Further, is there any traditional Romanian village close to Brasov as I am interested in photographing the village folk. I understand Maramures and Oradea which are well known are quite far. Do you have any recommendations for something similar close to Brasov. Finally how much time does it take from Bucharest airport to the Train station as we would leave immediately to Brasov. Thank you in advance for your time and the willingness to share information.

    • dailytravelpill
      October 7, 2019 / 9:11 am

      Hi, Asif. The weather in November is pretty cold. It’s winter after all! I recommend visiting Bran village near Brasov. You can rent a car from Brasov and explore Bran and its outskirts.
      Getting from Bucharest airport to the train station is easy but the time it will take depends on the traffic. During the week (mornings and evenings) the traffic is pretty bad. You can expect to spend around one hour and a half on the road.

      • Asif
        October 16, 2019 / 6:01 am

        Thank you. Most appreciated for your time and clarity in response. I will share my experience here after my visit.

  14. Fanny
    October 14, 2019 / 5:18 am

    Hello! Nice post! I have a question… You say not to go by car or bus during the week-end… What if I take a day trip from bucharest to bran castle? Won’t it be the same problem? And if for some reason I decide to stay in brasov, how could I go from there to bran Castel? Thanks a lot! Your recommendation is the best I’ve seen son far!

    • dailytravelpill
      October 15, 2019 / 2:13 pm

      As long as you’re traveling by bus or car during the weekend, it’s the same thing! If you decide to stay in Brasov, you can take a day trip from there or take a bus. Have fun in Brasov and enjoy Romania!

  15. Levanne
    October 24, 2019 / 3:16 pm

    Hello! Great informative post!!!!
    I would like to know if is it safe to drive in Brasov? Is there any possibility that the road will be covered with snows?
    i am planning to rent a car in Brasov to go around the city as well as to the ski resort in Poiaina Brasov.

    Thanks much in advanced for your time!

    • dailytravelpill
      October 31, 2019 / 11:06 am

      Hey. Driving in Brasov is safe. However, Poiana Brasov is pretty busy during winter. Have fun!

  16. Ivo
    August 18, 2021 / 12:14 pm

    Thanks for this article I am heading to beautiful Brasov next week mostly for work, but this helped me a lot especially how well you have explained train transportation.
    Thanks 🙂

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