The BEST hotels in Brasov, Romania – which one to choose

Brasov is one of the most charming cities in Europe and I’m not saying this just because it’s my hometown. I’ve traveled to 40 different countries across Europe, Asia, and Africa but Brasov will always have a place in my heart.

Brasov Tampa Mountain

With its narrow streets, colorful houses, and majestic mountains surrounding the city, Brasov is bound to steal every visitor’s heart. If you’re planning to visit this beautiful city, I’ve prepared for you a list with the best hotels in Brasov, sorted by price range.

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Before telling you which is the best accommodation in Brasov, let’s talk about which are the best areas to look for a hotel or hostel.

1. Where to stay in Brasov – the best areas

Although Brasov is a relatively small city with only 270,000 residents, the city is divided by Tampa Mountain. The mountain is situated right in the middle of the city, separating the city into more areas.

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Brasov map

For a better understanding of Brasov’s layout, I’ve created a map. The big green area is not a park. It is actually the Tampa Mountain.

If I could rate how good each of the location highlighted on my map is (according to proximity to Old City Center), I would put them in this order:

  • red circle – the best
  • purple & green circle
  • blue & black circle

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The best hotels in Brasov, Romania
The best hotels in Brasov, Romania
The best hotels in Brasov, Romania

Red Circle

The area inside the red circle is the Old City Center. This is the most popular area in Brasov, the place where you will find almost all the tourist attractions. As a tourist, the red circle is by far the best area where you can find a hotel.

The hotels inside the red circle are more expensive because they are close to the famous Black Church, Republicii Street, and many other attractions. Also, inside this area you will find many restaurants to choose from, serving both local and international dishes.

Brasov Old City Center
Brasov City Center

Green Circle

The big street inside the green circle, called Dobrogeanu Gherea Street crosses a small hill, offering some of the best views over the city. Here you will find many small boutique hotels.

Although this area is close to the city center, it is a bit quieter and relaxing. The Dobrogeanu Gherea Street is right near the Tampa Mountain which is great if you are into hiking.

To get to restaurants, you will have to walk for 5 minutes but all in all, the area inside the green circle is one of the best in Brasov. If you are in search of hotels in Brasov, I definitely recommend it.

Good to know: Dobrogeanu Gherea Street is quite steep. If you’re not a fan of a bit of exercise, I would avoid it.

Purple Circle

The purple circle is the area surrounding the Brasov Citadel. Staying here is a delight as you will walk on beautiful streets guarded by historical buildings with amazing architecture.

This area is a bit far from all the hustle and bustle of the city center but it’s still close enough to reach all the tourist attractions on foot. You will also be close to the Brasov Central Park or Nicolae Titulescu Park which is the perfect place to take a walk and relax.

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Black Circle

The area inside the black circle is also called the New City Center. This is the business center of Brasov, the area where most of the companies in the city are located.

Although the New City Center is a bit far away from the Old City Center (you can take a bus or taxi), currently a huge shopping mall is being built right in this area. If you are a shopping addict, this might be the place for you.

Blue Circle

There are a few hotels inside the Blue Circle, also called the Astra Neighborhood but this area is mostly inhabited by locals. There are no tourist attractions here but if you want to explore Brasov’s local life, a visit to this area is a must.

There are many local markets, local shops and, apartment buildings. To get to the Old City Center from Astra Neighbourhood, you can take a taxi for about 8 RON or take the bus number 17, 5 or 31.

2. Brasov best budget hotels & hostels

Dealul Melcilor Guesthouse – green area

With rooms starting from $26, Dealul Melcilor Guesthouse offers free parking. This guesthouse is very clean and it has spacious rooms with free WiFi, TV and a beautiful private bathroom.

The guesthouse is situated just 10 minutes away from the Old City Center in a beautiful area near Tampa Mountain.

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Mountain Tale Guesthouse – red area

Situated at the base of Tampa Mountain, close to the city center, the Mountain Tale Guesthouse offers both private rooms and beds in dormitory rooms. The prices start at $12 which is a really good price for this central area.

This guesthouse has excellent reviews and the rooms are really cozy and clean. This guesthouse is pet-friendly!

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Casa Tepes Guesthouse – purple area

This is one of the best guesthouses in Brasov. Beautifully decorated, with spacious rooms, Casa Tepes Guesthouse is a great choice if you are looking for a good value for money guesthouse in Brasov.

With prices starting at $41, you’ll get a comfortable room with private bathroom, close to all the tourist attractions in a nice area of Brasov.

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Mara Hostel – red area

Located in a traditional building, the beautiful Mara Hostel offers beds starting at $16. With an excellent location, in the heart of the city, this is one of the best hostels in Brasov.

Mara Hostel has excellent reviews, extremely clean rooms, and very good facilities. If you are planning to visit Brasov on a budget for a few days, this place is for you!

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3. Brasov best mid-range hotels

Hotel Kolping – red area

Situated at the foothills of Tampa Mountain, in the proximity of the city center, Hotel Kolping offers spacious rooms in a quiet area. The staff is very friendly and the good part is that this hotel has breakfast included which is a big plus.

Rooms start at $74 and you’ll get a private bathroom, free WiFi, a beautiful balcony and free parking.

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Casa Wagner – red area

Located in the heart of Brasov, right in the Council Square near the Black Church, Casa Wagner is a great choice for those who want to experience Brasov’s charm.

Located in a traditional house, Casa Wagner offers beautifully decorated rooms with wood details. Most of the rooms have views towards the city center or Tampa Mountain which is truly remarkable. Prices start at $68.

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Hotel Belfort – green area

Situated near Tampa Mountain, Hotel Belfort has a central location but in a quiet neighborhood. The rooms offer beautiful views towards the forest or the city which is a great plus. They also have great amenities such as cable TV, a safe and ironing facilities. Also included in the price is high-speed WiFi.

The rooms start at $92 which is a really good price for this hotel’s facilities. This is one of the best properties if you are looking for a great mid-budget hotel in Brasov.

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Casa Bologna – purple area

With spacious and modern rooms, Casa Bologna will make you feel at home. This hotel has a terrace, free parking and WiFi and it is located near the city center.

The owners are super-friendly and they will help you with everything you need. The rooms start at $57 which is a really good price for what you get at this accommodation.

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4. Brasov best luxury hotels

Aro Palace Hotel – red area

Aro Palace Hotel is one of the most renowned and luxurious hotels in Brasov. With a beautiful interior pool and an incredible spa, this is the perfect place to relax after a long day of sightseeing. Treat yourself with some delicious food from the restaurant and then head straight to your super-comfy bed.

The Aro Palace Hotel rooms are spacious and they have a refrigerator, a beautiful balcony, flat-screen tv, and all the amenities to make you feel at home for just $136 per night.

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Kronwell Hotel – black area

Situated right near the railway station, Kronwell is one of the best hotels in Brasov. This hotel is newly built and it features a beautiful interior pool. The rooms start at $129 and the price includes the breakfast which is awesome.

All the rooms are modern and spacious and they are soundproof. This hotel is a true delight for your senses!

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Ambient Hotel – purple area

Another beautiful luxury hotel in Brasov is the Ambient Hotel. Conveniently situated close to the Old City Center, this hotel offers free parking. It is one of the few hotels which has included in the price both breakfast and dinner (rooms start at $169).

The rooms are spacious, clean and the service is impeccable.  If you are traveling from Bucharest, don’t hesitate to contact the hotel and opt for their airport shuttle.

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These are the best hotels in Brasov, for every budget. There are plenty of accommodation options in Brasov to choose from, suitable for every need. I hope that you’ve found this blog post useful. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me in the comments section below.

May the travel bug bite you!

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