Cameron Highlands one day trip – with prices and bonus tips

Famous for the vast tea plantations, Cameron Highlands is one of the most visited places in Malaysia. It is easily accessible by bus from Kuala Lumpur or Penang and it has so much to offer in terms of activities and natural beauty.

BOH Tea plantation Cameron Highlands

Getting lost at BOH Tea Plantation

We visited Cameron Highlands after our trip to Melaka and we instantly fell in love with this place. Preferred by both locals and foreign tourist, Cameron Highlands can get pretty busy sometimes but don’t get discouraged. Although I would say that 2 days would be perfect to explore this area, you can definitely choose a Cameron Highlands one day trip and see most of the tourist attractions.

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1. The best time for a Cameron Highlands one day trip

My honest, friendly advice is this: do not visit Cameron Highlands during the weekend or public holidays (yes, with bold). We’ve had the ‘luck’ to visit the area during both a public holiday and the weekend (Friday-Saturday-Sunday) and the traffic was terrible.  Our guided tour ended about two and half hours later than it was supposed to because of the traffic.

Giving the fact that you have little time to explore Cameron Highlands, make sure to make the most out of this day and avoid weekends or public holidays.

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2. How to plan your one day trip to Cameron Highlands

If you only have one day to explore the beautiful Cameron Highlands, the easiest way to do this is to book a tour. Although I usually like to explore the places I visit by myself, the Cameron Highlands one day tours are really accessible, cheap and they will take you to the must see attractions.

Jim Thompson Mystery Trail at Cameron Highlands Resort with naturalist Madi

Cameron Highlands jungle trekking


If you are staying 2 nights

If you arrive by bus, you will most probably dropped off at Tanah Rata bus station. Right on the main street, near the bus station you will find many agencies which sell day and half-day tours around Cameron Highlands. Even though the companies are different, the tours are quite standard and so are the prices.

My recommendation would be to go and buy your tickets right after arriving in Cameron Highlands. Usually, you have to book one day in advance to secure your spot and if you choose a half-day tour, it would most probably start early in the morning.

Below are some Cameron Highlands one day trip options with prices.

Half day tours:

  • Country side tour (Rose Valley, Strawberry Farm, Butterfly Farm, BOH Tea Plantations, Honey Bee Farm, local market) – RM 27
  • Mossy Forest Discovery (Gunung Brinchang, Mossy Forest, Jungle Trekking, BOH Tea Plantation, Butterfly Farm) – RM 50

Full day tour:

  • Highland’s Full Day Discovery (Gunung Brinchang, Mossy Forest, BOH Tea Plantation, Butterfly & Reptile Farm, lunch break, Cactus point, Time Tunnel, Strawberry Farm, local market) – RM 80

If you are staying 1 or 0 nights

If you won’t be able to purchase your tour tickets one day in advance from Cameron Highlands, then the best option is to buy them online. There are many websites and tours to choose from but I will name a few below which in my opinion include the best spots in Cameron Highlands.

3. Things to see in Cameron Highlands

There are so many beautiful places to explore in Cameron Highlands. Below are just a few of them, the ones that I’ve liked the most. I am sure that your Cameron Highlands day trip will be full of surprises and amazing places to visit.

BOH Tea Plantation

Probably the most famous attraction in Cameron Highlands and the reason why so many people are visiting this place are the tea plantations. The most famous plantation is BOH Tea Plantation. Founded in 1929 by a British businessman, BOH plantation offers scenic views and tasty tea.

BOH Tea plantation Cameron Highlands

I loved getting lost in the tea plantation. Since I absolutely love tea (Earl Grey is my favorite), it has been an amazing experience to see the tea plants and the tea factory. While you are at BOH plantation, do not forget to check out their shop which offers an incredible view over the valley.

If you only have one day in Cameron Highlands, a trip to a tea plantation is a must.

Boh Tea Plantation entrance fee: free

Strawberry Farm

Cameron Highlands strawberry farm

Cameron Highlands is the only area in Malaysia where strawberries grow. If you love fruits, then going to a strawberry farm will be an awesome experience. You can even pick up your own strawberries or try a strawberry juice. Delicious!

Strawberry farm entrance fee: free

Butterfly Farm

Cameron Highlands Butterfly Farm

Big, black butterflies with green spots will fly around you at the Butterfly Farm. Bring your camera and don’t hesitate to snap some amazing shots with these beauties.

Butterfly farm entrance fee: RM 7

Jungle Trekking

Cameron Highlands wild orchid in the jungle

Choose a Cameron Highlands Jungle Trekking trip and explore the beautiful vegetation in the area. Your guide will show you all kinds of plants: from carnivore plants to the famous ‘touch me not’ plants.

Jungle trekking entrance fee: free

Honey Bee Farm

Honey bee farm in Cameron Highlands

Taste some local honey and explore a Honey Bee Farm. Discover how honey is produced by walking between honey nests and flowers. There are different types of bees and each one produces its specific honey. If you want to enjoy some honey for later, do not forget to buy some!

Honey Bee Farm entrance fee: free

Rose Valley

Cameron Highlands Rose Valley

Another popular attraction in Cameron Highlands is the Rose Valley. Here you will discover beautiful flowers and plants. From roses to orchids, a visit to the Rose Valley will be like a walk in paradise.

Rose Valley entrance fee: RM 5

Cactus point

Cameron Highlands Cactus point

One of the highlights of my trip to Cameron Highlands was the visit to the Cactus shop. These tiny, stingy plants made me fall in love with them. If I wasn’t backpacking, I would have bought at least 4 of them.

Cactus point entrance fee: free

Local Market

Cameron Highlands local market

Be prepared to resist the urge to buy all the yummy fruits you will see at the local market. We bought some huge strawberries and passion fruit but unfortunately, we forgot them in our bus. Learn from our mistake and keep both eyes on your fruits!

Local market entrance fee: free

4. Where to stay in Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands Resort Deluxe Room

We had an amazing stay at the Cameron Highlands Resort. Built in 1930, the Cameron Highlands Resort was hands down one of the best hotel experiences I’ve ever had. This hotel is the perfect combination of luxury, comfort and amazing food. Don’t hesitate to try their DJ Fried Chicken. Also, make sure to check out their spa. I chose the Chrysanthemum and Avocado Escape and it was just perfect after one day of exploring.

Click here to read my full review about this amazing hotel. If you want to book your stay at the Cameron Highlands Resort, click here.


I hope this article will help you plan your Cameron Highlands day trip. I am sure you will love this place as much as I did.

May the travel bug bite you!

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