Haji Lane – Singapore’s EPIC neighbourhood

Singapore is the city where you’ll never get bored. With a multi-cultural vibe, modern skyscrapers and residents from all over the world, Singapore has a little bit of everything.

Take your time to explore its streets and narrow alleys and you will discover some hidden gems like Haji Lane. Situated near Masjid Sultan and Little India, Haji Lane is a breath of fresh air and relaxation from Singapore’s traffic.

In this guide, I will share with you everything you need to know about this interesting street in Singapore called Haji Lane. Let’s start!

Haji Lane, Singapore

1. Haji Lane History

Well known for its murals, hip bars, and clothing shops, Haji Lane’s history begins in the 1800s when the houses were used as lodges by Haji pilgrims. In the late 20th century the houses were used as homes for poor Malay families.

Today, Haji Lane has created its own identity and it attracts many tourists from all around the world. Although the street is rather small, the area has become a tourist attraction for those who want to see something more than just skyscrapers in Singapore.

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Haji Lane Singapore travel guide
Haji Lane Singapore travel guide
Haji Lane Singapore travel guide

2. Things to do at Haji Lane, Singapore

What makes Haji Lane unique is the street art surrounding this neighborhood. Many tourists come here in search of the perfect Instagram photo or just to escape the super-busy areas of Singapore.

If you’re planning to visit this fascinating street, here are the top things to do at Haji Lane, Singapore. Plan around 2 hours to visit this street.

Good to know: If you want to have this street only for yourself and take some awesome photos, make sure to be here early in the morning.

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Shop for souvenirs!

Shopping in Haji Lane
I loooove colors!

Haji Lane is full of vintage & hip shops. Here you can find a plethora of clothes, accessories and souvenirs, all unique in their own way. If you are looking for souvenirs to bring back home, here is the best place to find them! Yes, they are a bit pricey but definitely worth every penny!

If you’re looking for some home decor objects, make sure to stop at Hygge shop. They have all sorts of incredible decorations, perfect for those who love minimalism and simplicity.

Try the Haji Lane bars & restaurants!

Best Haji Lane restaurants

Are you on a diet or just want to eat healthy? Then you should definitely go to Limaa. Try one of their delicious fruit juices for $3,5 or a healthy sandwich for $7. You won’t leave this place hungry!

Another popular place is The Hangar . Their coffee is delicious and their food doesn’t disappoint either. Try their burgers or chicken bowl and you will thank me later!

If you’re looking for a slightly unique experience, make sure to visit the Meomi Cat Caffee. Have a drink or a snack while petting their adorable kitties. Sounds like heaven, right?

These are just some of the best bars and restaurants at Haji Lane. This is a place where the Western and Eastern cultures come together. Expect the same thing from the food too.

Take some photos with the murals!

Haji Lane murals art, Singapore

For me, the most exciting part of visiting Haji Lane was exploring the nearby streets and their art. There are so many wall paintings at Haji Lane that it’s really hard to choose my favorite one!

My advice would be to just walk around and enjoy the splashes of color! Oh, and don’t forget your camera home! You’ll definitely take many photos!

3. Tourist attractions near Haji Lane

Since you’re already in the area, it would be a shame not to visit some popular nearby attractions. Singapore is full of hidden gems and colorful places and some of them are situated just around the corner from Haji Lane.

Admire the Masjit Sultan

Masjid Mosque, Singapore

This beautiful mosque is the focal point of Singapore’s Muslim community. With its beautiful golden domes and imposing structure, this mosque will definitely impress you.

Get lost in Little India

Little India Singapore

500 meters away from Haji Lane is the famous Little India. Colorful and fascinating, Little India is home to Singapore’s Indian community.

Taking a walk on the streets here is a true delight for the senses. Spice shops, flower shops, and Indian restaurants are just some of the things that are waiting for you in Little India.

While you’re here, don’t miss the colorful house that took the internet by storm! Don’t be surprised if you’ll see many tourists trying to take that perfect photo here!

4. How to get to Haji Lane

The closest MRT station to Haji Lane is Bugis Station. From here, you will have to walk for about 200 meters until you’ll reach this famous Singapore street. Getting to Haji Lane is easy if you’re using public transport.

As an alternative, you can also take a taxi but it will definitely cost more.

5. Where to stay in Singapore

Singapore is a big city and finding the perfect accommodation can be challenging. I’ve searched for the best hotels in Singapore (close to the city center) for every budget. Below are my recommendations.

Good to know: Singapore is an expensive country and the hotels are not an exception.

  • Budget – Tribe Theory – excellent location, comfortable beds, included breakfast, friendly environment
  • Mid-Budget – Holiday Inn Express Clarke Quay – amazing rooftop pool, comfortable & modern rooms, excellent location, included breakfast
  • Luxury – W Singapore Sentosa Cove – the definition of luxury, incredible pool & spa, one of the best restaurants in Singapore, excellent location in an exclusive location

I hope that you’ve found useful my Haji Lane guide. Filled with unique shops, top restaurants, and beautiful murals, this street is a unique place which deserves to be included in your Singapore itinerary. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to let me know in the comments section below.

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May the travel bug bite you!

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