Tibumana Waterfall Bali 2021 | Entrance fee, How to get there & more

Tibumana Waterfall Bali is one of the most beautiful hidden waterfalls near Ubud. Luckily, only a few people know about it. It’s getting harder and harder to find secluded places in Bali since tourism is on the rise.

This is why we were really happy to discover the beautiful Tibumana Waterfall, hidden deep in the jungle and with some of the most impressive sights in Bali.

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Tibumana Waterfall Bali, waterfall near Ubud
Me having fun at Tibumana Waterfall

Chasing waterfalls has become one of the main activities for tourists visiting Bali. And who can blame them? Instagram is full of photos with beautiful Bali waterfalls inspiring us to explore more and be adventurous. Tukad Cepung is another amazing waterfall near Ubud but for now, let’s discover Tibumana!

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How to get to Tibumana Waterfall Bali


If you’re staying in central Bali, then getting to this beautiful waterfall is easy, The road from Ubud to Tibumana Waterfall takes only about 45 minutes. The road is good and easily accessible especially if you are using Google Maps.

Getting to Tibumana Waterfall from Canggu or Denpasar takes a bit longer (1 hour and 30 minutes) but it is definitely worth it.

Road to Tibumana Waterfall Bali
Endless rice fields and palm trees near Tibumana Waterfall

When you’ll get closer to Tibumana Waterfall, you’ll notice endless rice fields and palm trees. I loved that I had the chance to take a sneak peak inside the local people’s daily lives. You’ll see Balinese people taking care of their animals or wandering around the rice fields. Definitely something to remember!

Road to Tibumana Waterfall Bali

Don’t hesitate to take a break and take some photos! 

Once you’ll get to the Tibumana Waterfall parking, you’ll have to leave your car or motorbike there and continue walking for about 10-15 minutes. There are a few small shops near the parking where you can buy water or refreshments. I would suggest bringing your own water since the prices here are double.

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Transport to Tibumana Waterfall Bali

Girl at Tibumana Waterfall Bali, waterfall near Ubud

If you are planning to visit Tibumana Waterfall you have only two options: either you rent a motorbike or take a guided tour. I will give you more details below.

1. Rent a motorbike

Renting a motorbike in Bali is easy. Just ask at your accommodation and they’ll most probably have motorbikes for rent. If not, ask at hotels or guesthouses nearby. The price to rent one motorbike for one day in Bali is around 50,000 IDR, depending on your negotiation skills.

2. Take a guided tour

For a hustle-free experience book online a guided tour. This tour will take you to Tibumana Waterall and two other incredible waterfalls – Tukad Cepung and Tegenungan. Bonus – hotel pick up and drop off included! Check it out!

Another alternative would be to rent a car with a driver. Although renting a car is hustle free and you can definitely split costs with some friends, I love exploring new places by motorbike. It gives you the freedom to stop wherever you want to admire the views or just rest for a while. Also, it is the cheapest alternative.

Tibumana Waterfall Bali entrance fee

The entrance fee to this hidden waterfall near Ubud is only 10,000 IDR per person.

About Tibumana Waterfall Bali – explore this hidden gem

Girl at Tibumana Waterfall Bali, waterfall near Ubud

Once you’ll get past the ticket office, you’ll have to descend some stairs. In order to get to any waterfall in Bali, you’ll have to go through the agony of climbing up and down the stairs. For me it became a ritual: I have to suffer in order to see the beauty. I might overreact a bit but after visiting 4 waterfalls in one day, I could barely feel my legs.

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Once you’ll reach the valley you have the option to go right to see the temple or left to see the waterfall. Although the temple is not impressive, it is worth a visit since you are already there.

The path to Tibumana Waterfall goes through the jungle and it’s a good opportunity to admire the exotic vegetation. You’ll first pass by a small waterfall before reaching Tibumana. I absolutely felt one with nature with all the butterflies and birds flying around me.

Once you’ll get to the beautiful Tibumana, take a few minutes to read the rules. For your own safety, it would be best to follow them. I’ll also list the rules below.

  1. Do not swim too far
  2. Do not go inside the cave
  3. Do not stand near the cliff
  4. Do not swim under the waterfall
  5. Do not throw garbage

At any time big stones can fall from the waterfall so getting to close to it is not a good idea.

Swimming at Tibumana Waterfall Bali

Swimming in the lake is permitted and the water is warm enough to relax a bit and connect with nature.

This hidden waterfall near Ubud is perfect to chill on a hot day. Tibumana Waterfall Bali is still untouched by mass tourism. Therefore, you still have the chance to enjoy its beauty without being interrupted. You can easily link your trip to Tibumana with another amazing nearby waterfall – Tukad Cepung.

Enjoy this little piece of paradise and don’t forget to take some amazing photos!

Where to stay in Ubud

After spending one month in Ubud, here are my favorite accommodations, for every budget:

  • Budget – Pondok Massas – beautiful pool, good location, friendly staff, good breakfast
  • Mid-budget – Ulun Resort – view towards the rice fields, beautiful view, good location, excellent breakfast
  • Luxury – Alena Resort – incredible pool, excellent service & breakfast, comfortable rooms

I’m sure that you’ll have a great time at Tibumana Waterfall. If you want to avoid the crowds, be there as early as possible. While exploring Bali, make sure to visit some other amazing places such as Bali’s Heaven Gate or Ubud Monkey Forest.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments section below!

May the travel bug bite you!

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Tibumana Waterfall Bali
Tibumana Waterfall Bali
Tibumana Waterfall Bali
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