Top 10 Angkor Wat Instagrammable spots

Angkor Wat is a must see place when visiting Cambodia. Even though it was built in the 12th century, the temple is well preserved and it’s the perfect backdrop for beautiful photographs.

Since it has become one of the main tourist attractions in Cambodia, Angkor Wat is busy all around the year. Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect photo for your Instagram, you must arm yourself with patience. Read below about my top 10 Angkor Wat Instagram spots.

If you are planning to visit Angkor Wat by tuk tuk, you should read my recommendations here.

1. Angkor Wat North and South Libraries

As you will enter the Angkor Wat Temple, you will pass by these two libraries. You can play with the light or just pose in front of one of the libraries. Either way, this place is perfect for an Instgram shot.

2. Path to Angkor Wat

You cannot miss this path leading to Angkor Wat. I loved that it was not that busy compared with the main paved pathway.

3. Angkor Wat North Reflection Pond

This is probably the most iconic place for Angkor Wat photography. If you want the perfect Instagram shot, I don’t recommend going there in the morning since it will be full of people watching the sunrise.

4. Angkor Wat Terrace of Honor

Not many people have discovered this spot and this is why I loved it. Just play with the perspective and you will have the perfect Angkor Wat Instagram shot.

5. Angkor Wat Eastern Wall

It’s amazing how well preserved Angkor Wat is.

6. Angkor Wat interior

The details of the temple are simply beautiful.

7. Angkor Wat Victory Gate

The Victory Gate is probably the most famous Instagram spot at Angkor Wat and for good reason.

8. Ta Prohm Temple

Widely famous because of the Tomb Raider movie, Ta Prohm Temple is a unique place where nature has claimed some of the ruins.

9. Phimeanakas Temple

The perfect place to make a statue impression and an awesome Instagram shot.

10. Phnom Bakheng Temple

Known for its amazing sunset views, Phnom Bakheng Temple is the perfect place to shoot an aerial photograph of Angkor Wat.

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I hope you have enjoyed my favorite Angkor Wat Instagram spots. There are so many beautiful temples and places that I am sure that you will discover even more great photography spots.

May the travel bug bite you!

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