Top destinations of 2020 – LOCKDOWN Edition!

2020 is not what I and other almost 8 billion people expected. First, there were the Australian bush fires, then world-wide lockdown, followed by Brexit, and now Kanye West just announced he’s running for president.

I’m just saying that if aliens don’t visit us in 2020, they never will! This is their chance!

Remember the New Year’s Eve, when 2019 was almost over, and we were hoping for a better 2020? We drank champagne dreaming about the places we’ll travel to in 2020, we dreamed about getting a promotion or starting a business, and we were pretty confident that 2020 will be the year when our dreams will come true.

Well, it seems that only our nightmares came true. I’m a millennial and for me, 2020 was the worst year yet and there are still 5 months left of it.

Oh, well. Excuse me while I pour myself a glass of wine and cry.

I promised you I’ll share the top destinations of 2020 so here they are. These are the places where most of us spent these past months. Forget about the Maldives or Bora Bora! They’re so 2019!

1. The Balcony

If you have a balcony, you’re in luck! I bet that until 2020 you only used your balcony for plants and drying clothes. Suddenly, this year the balcony became the most prized “room” in an apartment.

Some people use it as their new office, others use the space to exercise. Some DJs and singers even transformed their balconies into their stage, playing music for neighbors.

2. Apartment building rooftops

How many times have you been on your apartment building’s rooftop until 2020? The sunsets in the Philippines or Thailand have been replaced by the sunsets seen from rooftops.

Put on some nice clothes, bring a bottle of wine, and admire a stunning view of your neighborhood. I can only imagine that soon enough rooftops will become a popular place for engagements too.

3. The Supermarket

I have to admit I’ve never been this excited to go to the supermarket. What once was a chore, now feels like a breath of fresh air.

Going to the supermarket means getting out of the house. It also means buying chocolate, chips, and all sorts of unhealthy food. Bye-bye diet!

4. Isolated cabins

If you’re one of the lucky ones who own a cabin, I envy you! If this lockdown taught me something, it’s the importance of being able to self-isolate.

Being able to change the scenery and spend a few days somewhere in the middle of nature is a luxury.

5. Camping

Many of my friends hated going camping until 2020 happened. Hotel rooms have been replaced by tents and swimming pools have been replaced by rivers.

What can be more beautiful than sleeping under thousands of stars, in the middle of nature?

Final thoughts

In 2020, a trip to Bali was replaced by a trip to the supermarket, and a holiday in the Philippines was replaced by spending the evening on the rooftop, watching the sunset.

To say that in 2020 our priorities changed would be an understatement. Let this be a lesson for all of us. Let’s appreciate more the small things in life and let’s learn not to take things for granted.

As a travel blogger, travel has been a big part of my life for the past years but now, my life has changed drastically. From traveling full-time around the world to getting excited for a trip to the park.

2020 is not what we expected but if we’re being responsible, 2021 might be better!

May the travel bug bite you!

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