What to wear in Jordan | Essential rules you need to follow

Although Jordan has never been on my bucket list, I can now say that it’s one of my favorite destinations. The delicious food, diverse landscapes and interesting traditions are just three of the reasons why you should visit it at least once in your lifetime. 

More than that, Jordan is a diverse country and you can notice its diversity in the way the locals dress. The dress code in some regions is still conservative, while in other regions, such as Aqaba and Amman, people tend to take a modern approach to fashion and follow the western fashion trends.

Jordan dress code, what to wear in Jordan, how to dress in Jordan. clothes to wear in Jordan

No matter what region you’ll visit, it’s essential to know and follow its characteristic dress code and show respect towards people’s beliefs, customs and traditions. Below you’ll find a practical guide about clothing in Jordan that will help you decide what to pack for your trip. 

1. What do locals wear in Jordan?

If you’ve visited other Arab countries, you’ve probably noticed that they’re traditional when it comes to the dress code. That’s because traditions and customs still reflect on people’s lifestyles and fashion. 

However, in comparison to its neighboring countries, Jordan is more relaxed. Although most Jordanian women in Amman or Aqaba dress conservatively, some of them tend to wear western-style clothes, such as jeans, long skirts and T-shirts.

Most Jordanian women wear a ‘jilbab’ (a loose-fit overcoat) or a ‘hijab’ (a kind of headscarf). Even some modernly-dressed women choose to wear the ‘hijab’, so don’t be surprised if you’ll see some of them wearing jeans, T-shirts, but also the traditional ‘hijab’ on the streets.

Jordan dress code, what to wear in Jordan, how to dress in Jordan. clothes to wear in Jordan

When it comes to the traditional Jordanian men’s dress code, the one-piece ‘dishdashah’ or ‘thoub’ (available in different colors) is still worn today. Same as women, some men choose to wear headscarves (also known as ‘keffiyeh’). The men who prefer western fashion trends usually wear long trousers and short-sleeved shirts.

In general, people from the rural regions are still following the traditional dress code and I recommend you to take this into account when planning your trip to Jordan. 

Bottom line, it’s important to notice that no matter if they follow the western fashion or the local traditional clothing, the majority of Jordanians dress conservatively.

2. What to wear in Jordan – for women

Although Jordan’s dress code is not as traditional as in other Arab countries, there are still some clothes you’d better avoid when packing your bags.

For example, if you are a woman, avoid wearing short skirts/dresses or open-shouldered T-shirts. Most probably, nobody will say anything, but you’ll surely get some weird looks if you’re not covering your shoulders and knees. As long as you’re showing no cleavage and your shoulders are covered, you’ll be fine.

Jordan dress code, what to wear in Jordan, how to dress in Jordan. clothes to wear in Jordan

Don’t expect to party too much in Jordan. Alcohol is rarely consumed here and most clubs close at midnight. Therefore, don’t put any emphasis on fancy clothes. Also, when it comes to makeup, you can wear anything you like. However, keep in mind that during summer the heat is unbearable and most probably, wearing any makeup will be a nightmare.

If you wonder what to pack for Jordan depending on the season, I have good news: I’ve prepared a smart and practical guide to follow when you plan your next trip. 

Weather in Jordan and what to pack

When it comes to the climate, you should know that the weather varies a lot from one geographical area to another. For example, the winter season in Amman (December, January and February) is cold, with temperatures between 3 and 14°C. On the other hand, spring here is warm: the average lowest temperature is about 6-14°C and the highest one is about 17-27°C (the temperatures rise from one month to the next). 

For winter, I recommend packing some jeans, a jacket and comfortable shoes such as sneakers. Since springs are warmer, I recommend packing long skirts and dresses and sneakers, as well as sandals.

When it comes to the summertime in Amman, the average lowest temperature is about 17-19°C and the average highest one is about 30-32°C. It’s very hot and I recommend packing a hat or scarf to cover your head. Also, don’t forget your sunscreen! As autumn comes, the temperatures are gradually decreasing, becoming more bearable.

In comparison with Amman’s weather, Aqaba’s weather is hotter. For example, the average temperature in winter is about 16°C and the average temperature during the summer is about 33°C. 

Hasan Zawaideh camp igloo in Wadi Rum
Hasan Zawaideh Camp, Wadi Rum

Keeping these in mind, here are a few pieces of clothing you should add to your backpack, depending on the season you’re visiting:

  • midi or long skirts – as I already mentioned, miniskirts or short dresses aren’t recommended in Jordan.
  • capri or long pants – I recommend you choose breathable materials (such as cotton or linen) during warm spring or summer. For winter time, I recommend jeans.
  • shirts and T-shirts that cover your shoulders and chest – those made of soft cotton are the best in the summertime;
  • a windproof and waterproof jacket – for windy and rainy days.
  • at least a headscarf, if not a hat for the hot summer days

Last but not least, bring comfortable shoes, regardless of the season you’re planning to visit Jordan. In warmer months, I recommend wearing sandals, flip-flops and breathable sneakers. Of course, you shouldn’t forget your hiking boots, especially if you plan to go hiking in places like Wadi Mujib.

I wouldn’t think about wearing high heels. In Amman you’ll have to climb many hills to visit the tourist attractions and walking in heels in Petra is not the best idea.

Good to know: When visiting Wadi Rum, you can wear anything you want. Given the fact that you won’t meet many locals along the way, the rules are looser in Wadi Rum.

3. Do women need to cover their heads in Jordan?

As a tourist, you don’t have to cover your head when visiting Jordan. However, keeping in mind that temperatures during summer are very high, I recommend covering your head with a hat or scarf.

Whatever you do, never go out with your hair wet. It has sexual connotations and you’ll attract a lot of unwanted attention.

4. What to wear in Jordan – for men

Because How to dress in Jordan as a man is the second most common question when it comes to planning a successful trip to Jordan, below are the most important pieces of clothing that any man should add to his backpack:

  • knee-length or long trousers – those made of soft materials, such as linen, viscose or cotton, are the best during the warm/hot days;
  • comfortable T-shirts, shirts or blouses/sweaters – that can be worn underneath the jackets during cold days;
  • a windproof and waterproof jacket – for windy and rainy days.
  • a scarf or a hat – believe me, it can be a life-saver when you walk long distances during hot days.
Jordan dress code, what to wear in Jordan, how to dress in Jordan. clothes to wear in Jordan

When it comes to shoes, comfortable footwear is always the best. Depending on your style and the activities on your list, you should bring: comfy sneakers made of breathable materials (especially during summer), casual loafers and hiking shoes (if hiking long trails is on your itinerary). 

The Jordanian dress code for men is a bit more permissive. Even though you should avoid showing too much skin, you can still wear knee-length pants as a man.

5. How to dress when visiting a mosque in Jordan

The Jordanian people strictly respect the traditional dress code when visiting a mosque. As a tourist, you don’t have to follow the Muslim traditional dress code, but there are a few ‘rules’ you should take into account if you want to show respect towards Jordan’s traditions.

Keep in mind: Try to avoid important holidays or praying times when visiting mosques; they get very busy. Also, keep in mind that in some mosques women pray in separate spaces than men.

Jordan dress code, what to wear in Jordan, how to dress in Jordan. clothes to wear in Jordan

So, here’s how to dress as a woman in Jordan who’s planning to visit some mosques:

  • long-sleeved midi or long dresses;
  • long or midi skirts;
  • long trousers;
  • long-sleeved shirts or blouses which completely cover your shoulders and chest;
  • knitted jumpers (during winter or cold days);
  • sandals or comfortable sneakers (keep in mind that when entering the praying area, you should take your shoes off)

Although it’s not a general rule, you’d better choose neutral colors. More than that, avoid transparent or semitransparent fabric. If you have linen dresses, make sure that the material has a high density. 

When it comes to covering your head, some mosques in rural areas might require you to wear a scarf. Bring one with you just in case.

When it comes to visiting a mosque as a man, below are few clothing options: 

  • long-sleeved shirts or blouses;
  • simple long trousers – it’s better to avoid patterns, such as military (this is a big NO). You can choose chino trousers instead;
  • slip-on trainers or comfortable sneakers, depending on your preferences (keep in mind that when entering the praying area, you should take your shoes off)

6. Going to the beach in Jordan – what to wear 

Finally, let’s talk about the Jordanian beach dress code. First of all, it’s important to know there are some differences between the dress code for public beaches and private beaches. 

floating at Dead Sea Jordan

As a woman in Jordan, you should know and respect the next rules:

  • It’s okay to wear a two-piece bikini when visiting the Dead Sea, if you’re staying at a resort. However, you’ll probably notice that most women choose full swimsuits. If you’re planning to go to public beaches at the Dead Sea, you’ll have to wear pants and a t-shirt when entering the sea, especially if there are other people around you.
  • Even in the resort area, I recommend wearing a cover-up when walking through the hotel. Choose a kimono or a kaftan dress.

When it comes to men, I recommend wearing shorts when going to hotel pools or private beaches and shorts and a t-shirt when going to public beaches. Even in Aqaba, I’ve noticed that most men wear both shorts and t-shirts when going to the beach.

7. Where to stay in Jordan

Jordan is a big country, with a wide range of hotels, including budget options and luxurious, 5-star hotels. Here are the hotels I’ve stayed at during my trip to Jordan. I loved all of them and I recommend them with all my heart.

  • Amman – W Hotel – luxurious hotel with spacious rooms and great amenities. The restaurant is amazing!
  • Dead Sea – Movenpick Resort Dead Sea – located right on the shore of the Dead Sea, this resort has everything you need! Beautiful pools and an amazing spa.
  • Petra – Movenpick Resort Petra – located right at the entrance to Petra, Movenpick is a great choice!
  • Wadi Rum – Hasan Zawaideh Camp – choose an igloo for an unforgettable stay!

8. Conclusion

Even if Jordan is not as conservative as other Arab countries, there are a few unwritten ‘rules’ that you should take into account when planning your trip. I hope that you’ve found this guide helpful and now you have a broader understanding of the dress code in Jordan. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments section below.

May the travel bug bite you!

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Jordan dress code, what to wear in Jordan, how to dress in Jordan. clothes to wear in Jordan
Jordan dress code, what to wear in Jordan, how to dress in Jordan. clothes to wear in Jordan
Jordan dress code, what to wear in Jordan, how to dress in Jordan. clothes to wear in Jordan
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