Aeropagus Hill, Athens – Is it worth visiting?

Aeropagus Hill is a marble hill located near the exit of Acropolis. It’s mostly popular among tourists because it offers one of the best views of Acropolis in Athens. It’s also a place full of history but more about this below.

Acropolis view from Aeropagus Hill
View from Aeropagus Hill

After waking up early and climbing to Acropolis, we decided to visit the famous Aeropagus Hill before heading to our next stop on our itinerary – the quirky Kook Cafe. After exiting Acropolis, head to the right and you’ll see a big hill.

There were already many people there, climbing the concrete stairs to the top and we were quite tired. We took a small break and then headed to the top of the hill.

In this article, I’ll share with you everything you need to know about this place. If you’re planning to visit Athens, you might be tempted to visit Aeropagus Hill but is it worth your time?

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1. How to get to Aeropagus Hill

Once you’re in the old city center of Athens, you can reach it on foot. For the exact location, click here.

I recommend visiting it after exploring the Acropolis. After you’ve seen this wonder of architecture from up close you can head to Aeropagus Hill for a different perspective.

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The best view of Acropolis in Athens - Aeropagus Hill
The best view of Acropolis in Athens - Aeropagus Hill
The best view of Acropolis in Athens - Aeropagus Hill

Good to know – you can book your tickets to Acropolis and Acropolis Museum online to skip the lines.

2. About Aeropagus Hill, Athens

Acropolis view from Aeropagus Hill

Aeropagus Hill has a height of only 115 meters. Being really close to the Acropolis, many people visit this hill to enjoy the views of Athens’ icon. However, once you are here don’t hesitate to look around.

You can admire other parts of ancient Athens too. You can see the Agora, the Church of the Holy Apostles, and the Temple of Hephaestus. You’ll be surrounded by lots of history so look carefully.

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Tourists at Aeropagus Hill Athens

However, not many know the history behind the hill itself.

This hill was an important stage in Athens’ history and mythology. During Roman times, it used to function as a court for crimes and special cases.

Aeropagus Hill has also an important place in religion. In later Roman times it was the place where Apostle Paul delivered his speech against paganism and converted the first Athenians to Christianity. Remembering this event, a plaque was placed at the side of the hill with this famous sermon.

Tourists at Aeropagus Hill Athens

Things you need to know when visiting Aeropagus Hill:

  • bring some water with you if you’re visiting during summer – we visited early in the morning and it was already incredibly hot outside.
  • wear comfortable shoes – you’ll need them for Aeropagus Hill, the Acropolis and walking around Athens.
  • the stairs can be slippery during rain – if it rained recently, be extra careful!

One thing that I disliked about Aeropagus Hill was the amount of litter scattered all around the hill. Please be a good tourist and make sure that you don’t contribute to the degradation of this beautiful place. Let’s keep it clean and welcoming for other visitors too.

Tourists at Aeropagus Hill Athens

3. Opening hours and entrance fee

There is no entrance fee to Aeropagus Hill. The place is opened 24/7. For some incredible views towards the Acropolis, I recommend visiting Aeropagus Hill at night. Just be extra-careful when climbing the stairs.

4. Where to stay in Athens

If you’re planning to spend a few days in Athens, finding the perfect accommodation can be challenging. I’ve been searching for the best hotels in the city, for every budget and I found some gems. Here are my recommendations.

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There are many viewpoints in Athens with great views of Acropolis and Aeropagus Hill is one of them. I liked the place and I enjoyed visiting it but keep in mind that it can get pretty crowded. 

If you don’t deal well with crowds and slippery stairs, you can skip it and head to another viewpoint in the city such as the 360 Cocktail Bar or Filoppapou Hill.

May the travel bug bite you!

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