Best 14 Beaches in Romania – A local’s favorites

One thing that I love about Romania is its diverse landscape. During the winter, you can go skiing in beautiful mountain resorts and during the summer you can go to the beach to get a tan.

In this blog post I’m going to talk about the most beautiful beaches in Romania. There are plenty of places to choose from when it comes to summer destinations. Some are suitable for those looking to party all night, some are suitable for those who prefer virgin beaches, away from the masses of tourists.

Vama Veche Beach Romania
Vama Veche Beach

Romanians love going to the seaside during the summer. In fact, Romanians are split into 2 categories when it comes to their preferences regarding summer destinations. Some go to Bulgaria or Greece, while some prefer the local beaches.

Let’s see which are the top Black Sea beaches in Romania. These natural paradises are bound to steal your heart!

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Best beaches in Romania

If you’re traveling from Bucharest, you can take the train or the bus to Constanta, Costinesti, Eforie Nord or Mangalia.

If you want to visit any of the other beaches by public transport, I recommend taking the train or bus to Constanta. From there, there are hourly buses to the rest of the destinations.

However, for beaches like Corbu, Vadu, Gura Portitei and Sulina, you’ll need a car. You can rent one from Bucharest or you can try using car-sharing apps.

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These are the top beaches in Romania. These beautiful Romanian beaches are a must-see
These are the top beaches in Romania. These beautiful Romanian beaches are a must-see
These are the top beaches in Romania. These beautiful Romanian beaches are a must-see

14. Plaja Mangalia (Mangalia Beach)

Located in the southern part of the Romanian seaside, 44 km away from Constanta, Mangalia Beach is the only seaside resort in Romania that has mineral springs with sulfur.

Many people come to Mangalia for balneotherapy, a treatment believed to cure rheumatism, skin eczema, or diabetes. However, Mangalia is also popular for those looking for a relaxing family holiday.

Mangalia Beach Romania

Mangalia has a beautiful wide beach, where you can choose to lay down on your towel or rent a sunbed. It’s one of the most affordable seaside destinations so don’t worry about spending too much money on food or accommodation.

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13. Plaja Constanta (Constanta Beach)

My list of the best beaches in Romania wouldn’t be complete without Constanta Beach. Constanta is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania and an important economic hub.

Constanta beach Romania

The most famous part of the beach is Modern Beach. Here you’ll find mostly locals since tourists tend to go to Mamaia or other beaches, located further away from the city.

One of the biggest music festivals takes place each year in this city – Neversea. Also, while you’re in town, make sure to visit the beautiful Casino of Constanta.

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12. Plaja Vadu (Vadu Beach)

Vadu Beach is one of the wild beaches of Romania and is located a bit north of Corbu Beach. Its wilderness and raw beauty attract tourists who’re searching for quiet and natural beauty.

Vadu Beach Romania

Be careful, as camping at Vadu Beach is prohibited and punished with a fine. I’d recommend finding accommodation nearby and simply visiting Vadu during the day.

While you’re here, you can try some delicious seafood at one of the local cherhanas. I recommend fish soup or fried fish with mamaliga and garlic sauce.

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11. Plaja Sulina (Sulina Beach)

About 3 kilometres long, Sulina Beach is divided by Busurca Canal. Here you’ll find a beautiful beach with fine sand and clear water.

Sulina Beach Romania

The southern part of the beach is wild and untouched, perfect if you’re looking for a quiet place to get a tan or swim. In the northern part of Sulina Beach, you’ll find a few local restaurants and even a small guest house.

You can park the car right near the beach and from there, explore it on foot. It’s a beautiful place and one of Romania’s most beautiful beaches.

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10. Plaja Costinesti (Costinesti Beach)

One of the most famous beaches in Romania, Plaja Costinesti, is a very popular place among Romanians. It’s preferred by the young generation, due to the never-ending parties that take place here. The most popular clubs in the city are Ring, Tineretului, and Panoramic Club.

Costinesti Beach aerial view

A unique characteristic of Costinesti is its shipwreck. The huge ship can be seen in the distance, in the northern part of this beach resort.

Costinesti shipwreck Romania

The busiest part of this beach is the southern section, near the Obelisk. The northern part is a bit narrower but it has fine sand and it’s not as busy.

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9. Plaja 2 Mai (2 Mai Beach)

Located in the southern part of the country, 2 Mai Beach is the quieter version of Vama Veche. Many tourists choose to stay in a guest house or hotel in 2 Mai and commute each night to Vama Veche to party.

The beach is rather small but it’s clean and the water is perfect for swimming. Keep in mind that the southern part is frequented by nudists.

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8. Plaja Navodari (Navodari Beach)

Those who want to avoid the busy Mamaia but still want to have the infrastructure and amenities of a developed beach resort choose Navodari Beach.

Umbrellas and sunbeds at Navodari Beach Romania

In the past few years, Navodari has developed a lot. New hotels, apartment buildings, and shops have been built and from a wild beach, Navodari has transformed into one of the most developed beaches in Romania.

It’s a beautiful place, where you can rent a sunbed or simply sit on the sand and admire the views. It’s less expensive than Mamaia, but it’s equally beautiful.

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7. Plaja Gura Portitei (Gura Portitei Beach)

One of Romania’s hidden gems is Gura Portitei Beach. The northern part of the beach is home to a beautiful resort called Sat de Vacanta Gura Portiei.

Gura Portitei Beach Romania

Here you can rent a jetski, sleep in a beautiful beach house and eat tasty seafood. It’s a nice, quiet resort and it’s becoming increasingly popular among Romanians.

The southern part of Gura Portitei Beach is wild and virgin. You won’t find many tourists here. It’s perfect for a walk at sunrise or sunset.

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6. Plaja Neptun-Olimp (Neptun-Olimp Beach)

Neptun-Olimp is a beach resort preferred by families. There’s not much going on here but the beaches are less crowded and the hotels are more affordable.

Neptun Olimp aerial view Romania

There are several small gulfs along the shore and a few parks, as well as a few lakes. The most famous beach here is called “La Steaguri”. Here you can rent a jet-ski or try windsurfing and wake-boarding.

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5. Plaja Eforie Nord (Eforie Nord Beach)

Eforie Nord is the second largest beach resort in Romania. It’s well-known for its balneotherapy and mud treatments. Usually, the beach is very crowded but the water is perfect for swimming.

Eforie Nord Beach Romania

There are a few big hotels in Eforie Nord such as Ana Hotels, but you can also find affordable guesthouses. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, where you can find seafood, Romanian food and even international dishes such as pasta, burgers, or pizza.

Eforie Nord Beach is one of the top beaches in Romania and the perfect option for those looking for the perfect combination of a fun place and a family resort.

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4. Plaja Corbu (Corbu Beach)

One of the most beautiful beaches in Romania is Plaja Corbu. It’s a short drive away from Navodari and it’s one of those places not yet affected by mass tourism.

Until a few years ago, Plaja Corbu was a forgotten place. Recently, people who’re looking for a quiet place to spend their holiday are choosing Corbu as their destination.

Corbu Beach Romania

There are no big hotels nearby and you’ll only find a few restaurants in the area. Most of the people who come here sleep in tents or camper vans.

Therefore, if you’re looking for remote beaches in Romania, you should definitely visit Corbu Beach. It’s a beautiful place and the water is great for swimming!

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3. Plaja Tuzla (Tuzla Beach)

A clean beach, away from the masses of tourists, Tuzla Beach is an up and coming summer destination. It’s famous for its crystal-clear turquoise water, perfect for snorkeling.

Tuzla Beach Romania

In the past few years, restaurants and hotels started popping near Tuzla, attracting more and more tourists. If you’re looking for hidden gems, you should hurry and visit Tuzla Beach before it becomes mainstream.

You can easily get here by car or bus from either Eforie Nord or Mangalia. You can also take the train to Eforie Nord and then take a bus to Tuzla.

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2. Plaja Mamaia (Mamaia Beach)

Mamaia is a narrow strip of land, connecting Constanta to Navodari. It’s about 6 kilometres long and it’s packed with hotels, restaurants, and shops. On one side you’ll see Suitghiol Lake, on the other side is the Black Sea.

Mamaia is considered to be the most luxurious summer destination in Romania. The prices for accommodation and food are pretty high so don’t choose Mamaia Beach if you’re on a budget.

Mamaia Beach Romania

There are several private beaches to choose from that offer all kinds of water sports. Some of the most popular are H2O Beach, Boa Beach Club, and Tomis Beach.

Another attraction in Mamaia is Aqua Magic, an exciting aqua park suitable for people of any age. There are several water slides and a slow river to relax in.

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1. Plaja Vama Veche (Vama Veche Beach)

Out of all Romanian beaches, Vama Veche is my favorite. It’s located in the southern part of the country, near the border with Bulgaria, hence the name Vama Veche which translates into Old Border.

Sunrise at Vama Veche Beach, Romania

Vama Veche is a popular place among those who like to party. It’s considered a more bohemian destination and it’s preferred by those who want to feel free. The most famous beach bars are La Stuf, Amphora, and Expirat.

Most of the people who come to Vama Veche prefer camping. Until a few years ago, you could place your tent directly on the beach but now it’s not possible anymore. However, there are several campings to choose from. My favorite one is Sandalandala. As an alternative, you can also choose to stay at hostels, hotels, or guest houses.

Vama Veche Beach Romania aerial view

If you’re looking for places to eat, go to “La Canapele” and you won’t regret it. It has both traditional and international dishes and they’re all delicious.

Good to know – the northern part of the beach is popular among nudists.

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Final thoughts

There are many beautiful beaches in Romania. Some are more popular, others are more remote but all of them are worth visiting. With so many options to choose from, spending your summer vacation in Romania is a great idea!

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments section below!

May the travel bug bite you!

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