How to get to Universal Studios Japan – all transport options

If you’re planning a trip to Japan, one of the must-see cities in the country is Osaka. Full of history, beautiful temples, and delicious food, Osaka is a vibrant city with a lot to offer.

Osaka tiny street sunset

Apart from its rich culture and history, Osaka is also home to the incredible Universal Studios Japan. USJ is the place where you’ll forget about all your worries and experience a fun and thrilling day.

Be ready to hop on some incredible roller-coasters, meet the Minions and spend a few hours at Hogwarts. Universal Studios Japan is the perfect escape into a magical world, full of adventure and fun.

Hollywood Dream Backdrop Universal Studios Japan
Universal Studios Japan

If you want to find out which are the best rides at USJ, click here. Meanwhile, let’s talk about how to get to Universal Studios Japan from Osaka and some nearby cities.

1. Things to know before visiting Universal Studios Japan

With a staggering 8 million people visiting this amusement park each year, USJ can get pretty busy. This is why I recommend buying your tickets at least a few days in advance. Below you’ll find some important information about tickets and express passes at Universal Studios Japan.

Flight of the Hippogriff roller-coaster at Universal Studios Japan

Tickets & Express Passes

Given the fact that you can’t buy tickets straight from the Universal Studios Japan website, I recommend using a trusted re-seller such as (Klook is recommended on the official USJ website). 

Once you get your ticket, I would recommend adding an Express Pass to the cart too. 8 million visitors per year mean more than 20,000 people visiting USJ per day. Sometimes the queues last for several hours, especially during the weekends and holidays. 

To read more about the Express Pass options, click here.

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How to get to Universal Studios Japan - transport options
How to get to Universal Studios Japan - transport options
How to get to Universal Studios Japan - transport options

Universal Studios Japan practical information

  • if you want to make the most out of your time, be there at least half an hour before the opening time. You’ll avoid huge lines.
  • you’re not allowed to bring food or drinks inside. However, you’ll find plenty of restaurants and stalls inside the park
  • use the single rider lanes. They will save you lots of time.

2. How to get to Universal Studios Japan from Osaka

Getting from Osaka to Universal Studios Japan is very easy. The amusement park is situated close to the city center and is easily accessible. Below are all the transportation options from Osaka to USJ.

Hogsmade at Universal Studios Japan
Harry Potter World – Universal Studios Japan

Shuttle Bus Transfer

You can choose a one way or round trip from Osaka to Universal Studios Japan with the shuttle bus transfer. The bus is convenient, affordable and fast. To check out the bus stations and schedule, click here

Public Transport

The easiest way to get to USJ from Osaka is by train. Public transport in Japan is awesome and fast and I totally recommend it. If you’re planning to explore more of Japan, make sure to get a JR Pass.

Below are some popular routes to Universal Studios Japan:

  • Osaka Station to Universal Studios Japan – From the Osaka Station take the Osaka Loop Line to Universal-City Station
  • Osaka Namba Station to Universal Studios Japan – From Osaka-Namba Station take the Nanshim-Namba Line to Nishikujo Station. Then change to Sakurajima Line and disembark at Universal-City Station.
  • Kansai Airport to Universal Studios Japan – From the airport take the Kansai Airport Rapid Service to Nishikujo Station and then change to Sakurajima Line. Disembark at Universal-City Station. 

Private Transfer

For a hustle-free and more luxurious experience, choose a private transfer to Universal Studios Japan. If you are traveling as a family, the price is pretty affordable.

With a private transfer, you won’t have to worry about public transport and you can make your own schedule. For more information about prices and availability, click here

3. How to get to Universal Studios Japan from Kyoto

The fastest way to get from Kyoto to Osaka is to take the train. Take the Hankyu-Kyoto Line to Umeda Station Osaka. Umeda Station is very close to Osaka Station. The ride will take about one hour and is covered by the JR Pass.

To get from Osaka Station to USJ, follow the instructions at the previous section. 

Below are some awesome tourist attractions in Kyoto you shouldn’t miss:

4. How to get to Universal Studios Japan from Tokyo

If you are planning to visit USJ Osaka from Tokyo, I recommend spending at least one night in Osaka. The bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka takes about 3 hours one way. This means at least 6 hours both ways.

This ride is covered by the JR Pass.

Below are some awesome things to do in Tokyo:

5. Where to stay in Osaka

Osaka panoramic view at sunset
Osaka panoramic view

I’ve been searching for the best hotels in Osaka, for every budget. If you are looking for a good value-for-money hotel, you’ll love the recommendations below. 

  • Budget – Hokko Marina – good location, very clean, super-friendly staff
  • Mid Budget – Chuan House – excellent location, beautiful studio apartment, very clean & modern, friendly staff
  • Luxury – St Regis Osaka – excellent location, luxurious and comfortable rooms with a view over the city, excellent service & staff

I am sure that you’ll have a great time at Universal Studios Japan. You’ll experience a day full of adrenaline and adventure and forget about all your worries. If you have any questions about how to get to Universal Studios Japan, let me know in the comments section below. Have fun!

May the travel bug bite you!

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