25 Unique Romanian souvenirs – Ideas for every budget!

Romania is a diverse country, with a rich culture. I’m sure you’re having a great time exploring its natural beauty but when the time comes to go home, it’s important to bring at least a small piece of Romania with you.

Buying a souvenir from Romania will always remind you of this beautiful place and everything you’ve experienced. Souvenirs are also great gifts for the loved ones back home and I’m here to help you find the best Romanian souvenirs, for your budget.

Souvenir shops in Romania. Romanian souvenirs, Romanian fridge magnets, Romanian wooden items, Romanian shoes

Even as a Romanian, I still love to buy small pieces of art and small souvenirs to remind me of the places I visited inside the country and I’m here to share with your what to buy from Romania.

Top Romanian souvenirs for every budget

No matter if you’re looking for a more expensive piece of Romanian art or small trinkets, here you’ll find the inspiration you need. To make things easier, for each item I’ll mention its price range and where you can find it. Shopping in Romania has never been easier!

Good to know – in case you already visited Romania but you didn’t have the time to shop for souvenirs, you can order some of the products below online. For each item that can be ordered online, I’ll link the corresponding website. Happy shopping!

Cheap Romanian Souvenirs (€1 – €10)

If you just want a small item to remember your trip to Romania, this section is for you! These are the cheapest, most common Romanian souvenirs.

1. Martisor

Romanian broches in March called Martisor. Romanian souvenir ideas, souvenirs from Romania

Most probably, you’ve never heard of Martisor. Every year, on the 1st of March the Romanians celebrate the beginning of Spring, also known as Martisor.

The tradition says that every boy and man has to bring to every woman he meets that day (friends and family) a small talisman wrapped in a white and red string called Martisor. Usually, the women will wear these Martisoare as a brooch for the next few days. The legend says that this small talisman will bring health in the year to come.

If you’re traveling to Romania towards the end of February or the beginning of March everywhere you look you’ll notice stalls selling these Martisoare. They’re usually pretty cheap but they’re a great souvenir to bring home with you!

Where? – everywhere, only at the end of February – beginning of March or online

How much? – between 5 and 20 RON (€1 – €5)

2. Fridge Magnets

Romanian souvenir shop with trinkets, fridge magnets and more.

No matter if you’re traveling to Romania or other countries, fridge magnets are the most common souvenirs. I have a collection of about 60 fridge magnets and it’s nice to see them and remember all the places that I’ve visited.

In Romania, you can find fridge magnets at all the important tourist destinations such as Bucharest, Sibiu, Brasov, Bran, Sighisoara, Sinaia and more. Most of the time, you’ll find them at the entrance of museums or in local markets.

In bigger cities like Brasov and Sibiu, you can find dedicated souvenir shops. For example, in Brasov you’ll find a few on Republicii Street and in Sibiu you’ll find souvenirs shops in the Large Square.

Where? – all tourist attractions and destinations

How much? – between 5 and 15 RON (€1 – €3)

3. Traditional Romanian hat – Clop

Traditional Romanian hat for men called clop. Romanian souvenirs, things to buy from Romania

Are you looking for a traditional Romanian souvenir? Clop is a traditional hat, made out of straws. It usually has a red margin and the flag of Romania is sewed towards the top.

Nowadays, the Clop is worn only at traditional celebrations and only by men. It’s a small piece of Romania’s culture and traditions and the perfect souvenir to bring back home.

Where? – at local celebrations and local markets or online (it’s more expensive to buy it online)

How much? – 20 RON (€4)

4. Homemade Honey

Romanian traditional honey

Romania is one of Europe’s largest honey producers. In 2015 alone, 35,000 tonnes of honey were produced in the country. One of the best things you can bring home from Romania is a jar of delicious honey.

You can buy directly from supermarkets but if you really want the best honey, you’ll have to buy it directly from beekeepers. You can ask around some fellow Romanians or you can order it online.

Where? – Bucharest – MelECO, Brasov – Aterman, Cluj Napoca – Apicola

How much? – between 15 and 25 RON (€3 – €5) for a jar

5. Romanian carved wooden spoons

Carved wooden spoons from Romania. Unique romanian souvenirs, things to buy

An object that was once used to eat now has a decorative purpose. Romanian carved wooden spoons are known for their beauty and intricate details. In Mioveni you can find the largest carved wooden spoon in the world (almost 18 meters in length). There is even a Wooden Spoon Museum at Campulung Moldovenesc.

Even nowadays you’ll find at least one wooden spoon in every Romanian home. We still use them for cooking and mixing food. However, the ones used in the kitchen don’t have carved details on them. Carved wooden spoons are only used as decorative objects in these days.

Where? – souvenir shops across the country, traditional markets, Bucharest Village Museum souvenir shop or online.

How much? – between 20 and 40 RON, depending on the design (€4 – €8)

6. Romanian hand-painted Easter eggs

Romanian painted Easter Eggs with traditional motifs. Romanian souvenirs, Romanian gifts ideas

If you’re looking for authentic Romanian souvenirs, you have to search for hand-painted Easter eggs. Don’t worry, you can find them in souvenir shops all around the year!

Romanians love Easter celebrations and each year, they dye eggs in different colours. In each family there is an egg tapping competition meaning that each family member chooses an egg each and they tap the eggs between them until one egg is the winner (the egg that remains unbroken).

However, apart from the simple dyed eggs, some Romanians decorate the Easter eggs with hand-painted motifs. Don’t worry, these eggs are emptied before being painted. This tradition is very popular in Bukovina but also in other parts of the country. Each motif has a meaning; for example, the curved line means water while the spiral means eternity.

Where? – at souvenir shops across the country (Republicii Street in Brasov, Old Town in Bucharest), Bucharest Village Museum souvenir shop, traditional markets and fairs, Bucharest airport duty-free

How much? – between 15 and 50 RON, depending on the design (€3 – €10)

Amazing places to visit in Romania

7. Romanian cheese

Romanian cheese called cas and branza de burduf

One of the things you probably didn’t know about us, Romanians, is that we love cheese. We include it in almost every meal and in Romania, you can find a wide variety of cheese. For example, we have branza de burduf, cas, telemea, cascaval afumat and many others.

If you have space for some Romanian delicacies in your luggage, I encourage you to buy some “cas” and “branza de burduf”. Cas is a soft cheese, often salty and is served as a snack along with vegetables and traditional sausages. Branza de burduf is a creamy cheese, loved by everyone. A special variety is “branza de burduf in coaja de brad” or cheese matured in fir bark that gives it a unique taste.

Where? – Bucharest – Sibienii Store, Brasov – La Sibieni Store,

How much? – depends on quantity and brand. Usually about 35 RON per kg (€7 per kg)

8. Romanian beads jewellery

romanian souvenirs, romanian jewellery, romania beads jewellery, romanian accessories

If you’re looking for unique Romanian souvenirs, I recommend buying some beads jewellery. Even if these types of jewellery are not made from precious stones, they’re perfect if you want to make a statement.

These necklaces and bracelets made from beads were worn by my grandparents only on special occasions such as weddings and Christenings. Hundreds of small beads were tied along a string forming elaborate patterns. Sometimes it took days to make a single bracelet but the result was always worth it.

Where? – Bucharest – Romanian Peasant Museum, Sighisoara – Arts & Crafts store, Brasov – Autentic store

How much? – between 10 and 30 RON (€2 – €6)

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romanian souvenirs, things to buy from romania, souvenirs from romania, traditional romanian souvenirs, romanian objects
romanian souvenirs, things to buy from romania, souvenirs from romania, traditional romanian souvenirs, romanian objects
romanian souvenirs, things to buy from romania, souvenirs from romania, traditional romanian souvenirs, romanian objects

9. Romanian snacks

If you don’t have much time to search for unique Romanian objects, I recommend heading to the first supermarket in your way and buying some delicious Romanian snacks.

One snack that I used to eat a lot as a Romanian child is Pufuleti (similar to Cheetos). This salty snack made from corn is the taste that reminds me of childhood. You also need to try Eugenia which is basically a chocolate and biscuit sandwich and Halva.

Where? – in all supermarkets across the country

How much? – between 2 and 5 RON (€0.5 – €1)

10. Zacusca

Zacusca is one of the most popular and loved Romanian foods. It’s made with roasted eggplants, mushrooms and other vegetables. Locals usually cook it in the autumn and enjoy this delicious food throughout the winter and spring.

You can find zacusca in all hypermarkets and supermarkets in Romania but the best ones are those home-made. So, if you have a Romanian friend ask him or her for a jar of zacusca and you won’t regret it. If your cooking skills are good, you can even try to make your own zacusca. Here’s a recipe you can follow.

Where? – all hypermarkets and supermarkets across the country

How much? – between 10 and 20 RON (€2 – €4)

11. Romanian traditional scarves

Colorful Romanian scarves, romania souvenirs

Known in the Romanian folklore as “basma” or “batic”, the traditional scarves are painted in bright colours and usually have floral patterns. They used to be worn at local dances and special occasions together with other traditional Romanian clothes.

Nowadays, some of the older women still wear these scarves on their heads each day, mostly in the countryside. However, the younger generation only uses these scarves as accessories, around the shoulders or neck.

Where? – some of the souvenir shops

How much? – around 50 RON (€10)

Mid-Range Romanian Souvenirs

If your budget is more flexible, here are some ideas for affordable Romanian souvenirs. Not too cheap, not too expensive, these souvenirs are the perfect gift for your loved ones or yourself.

12. Old Romanian banknotes

Old banknote from Romania. Romania gift ideas, Romanian souvenirs

If you like collecting unique souvenirs, you have to bring home with you an old Romanian banknote. It might be hard to find one but the search will be worth it. The first place to search for old banknotes is at antique shops.

There are plenty of antique shops in all the big cities in Romania. In Bucharest you can try at UNU or Old Thing’s Palace. In Brasov you can go to Anticariat or any other antique shop in the city. In Sibiu, you can try at Art Antique Store.

Where? – antique stores across the country

How much? – it depends on how rare and old the banknote is

13. Hand-made pottery and ceramics

Romanian Horezu pottery, Romanian plates with traditional motifs, romanian souvenirs, things to buy from Romania

Hand-made pottery is an old tradition in Romania. Years ago our grandparents and great-grandparents used to decorate their pots and mugs with intricate motifs. Nowadays, these hand-made objects are only used for decoration.

The most popular hand-made mugs and pots are from Horezu. This small village, located near Ramnicu Valcea, at the base of the famous Transalpina Road, is full of local shops selling beautifully painted pots, mugs and plates.

Where? – Horezu (click here for directions), souvenir shops across the country, Bucharest Village Museum souvenir shop, traditional markets, or online

How much? – prices depend on the size of the object and its design. Usually, between 30 and 200 RON (€6 – €40)

14. Romanian wine

romanian wine, traditional romanian wine, romanian souvenirs

Romania is the fifth largest wine producer in Europe and is well known for its qualitative wines, especially the red ones. Viticulture in Romania dates back to 6000 years ago and due to the favourable climate and relief, the tradition of winemaking is still carried out today.

The most popular white wine varieties are Feteasca Regala, Feteasca Alba, Muscat and Grasa de Cotnari while the most popular red wine varieties are Feteasca Neagra, Pinot Noir and Merlot.

If you want to buy Romanian wines, I recommend one of the following brands – Murfatlar, Cotnari or Valea Calugareasca.

Where? – local supermarkets and hypermarkets. In Bucharest – Vinexpert, in Brasov – Barrique or Liquor Store Brasov, in Sibiu – Crama Noastra

How much? – it depends on the wine. Prices usually start at 25 RON but can go up to a few 100s RON (€5 – €100 or more)

15. Romanian tuica and palinca

Romanian souvenirs, romanian tuica, romanian palinca, romanian alcoholic beverage

The Romanian plum brandy (tuica) and Romanian fruit brandy (palinca) are two of the most popular and loved Romanian alcoholic beverages. If you’re looking for traditional Romanian souvenirs, palinca and tuica are two great options!

Even nowadays most people in the countryside make their own tuica and palinca from the fruits they grow in their gardens. Keep in mind that these two beverages are extremely strong. Usually, they’re served in small shot glasses.

Where? – traditional markets, supermarkets and hypermarkets across the country. You can also ask locals if they have tuica and palinca for sale.

How much? – prices start at 35 RON for home-made drinks but can go up to 250 RON for varieties found in the supermarket (€7 – €50)

16. Glass-painted icons

Romanian glass painted icons. Romanian souvenirs, things to buy from Romania, Romanian items

What if I told you that you can bring back home with you a small part of Romania’s culture and traditions? Glass-painted icons were very common in the 19th century. They were painted in reverse on the back of the glass and were popular in the northern part of Transylvania.

Romanian peasants learned the craft by themselves and later passed their knowledge from generation to generation. The peasant painters included elements of local flora and fauna in their works when depicting famous scenes from the Bible.

Some of the most unique and authentic Romanian souvenirs, the glass icons are perfect for those passionate about art. You can read more about glass icons here.

Where? – souvenir shops in big cities like Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu or Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest Village Museum souvenir shop or online

How much? – prices start at 50 RON and can go up to 1500 RON depending on size and design (€10 – €300)

17. Romanian music instruments

Romanian traditional instruments, romanian souvenirs, souvenirs from Romania

One of the most popular Romanian music instruments is the “nai”. It’s made out of at least 20 bamboo or reed pipes and it can be played by blowing in the pipes.

The most famous singer who plays the nai is Gheorghe Zamfir and his most famous song is “The Lonely Shepherd“. If you want to try and learn how to play new instruments, you can buy a nai from Romania as a souvenir.

Where? – local markets, some souvenir shops across the country

How much? – a professional nai costs between 100 RON and 400 RON (€20 – €80)

18. Dolls dressed in traditional clothes

Romanian dolls dressed in traditional clothes. Romanian souvenirs, things to buy from Romania

A beautiful Romanian souvenir could be a doll dressed in traditional clothes. It’s a nice way to remember the Romanian culture and it makes for a beautiful piece of decor.

Where? – local markets and souvenir shops across the country or online, Cluj-Napoca – Magazin Artizanat store, Bucharest Village Museum souvenir shop

How much? – prices start at 40 RON but can go up to 500 RON, depending on size (€8 -€100)

19. Folk-inspired accessories

Romanian souvenir ideas

If you’re a fashion addict, a bag with traditional folk motifs might be the best souvenir to bring home from Romania. Romanian fashion designers constantly reinvent traditional items and designs and new items are born.

Such a success story is Iutta. I absolutely love their bags, purses and wallets and I recommend them to anyone who is looking for unique things to buy from Romania.

Where? online

How much? – prices start at 100 RON but can go up to 1000 RON (€20 – €200)

20. Traditional Romanian shoes – opinci

Romanian souvenirs, things to buy from romania, romanian gift ideas, romanian traditional shoes, romanian opinci

Opinci are traditional shoes, made from leather and with leather laces. It’s believed that these shoes date back from about 4000 years ago. Romanian peasants used to wear them all around the year, both on special occasions and on a daily basis.

Nowadays, only a few people who live in isolated villages still wear them but a few craftsmen are trying to raise awareness for these unique shoes. They organise regular workshops where they show the art of making opinci to curious visitors.

Where?online or at local fairs

How much? – Between 200 RON and 600 RON, depending on design (€40 – €120)

21. Romanian bags

Traditional romanian bags for women and men. Romanian hats and Romanian souvenirs

Worn together with traditional costumes, the Romanian bags are usually made from red or white cloth and they’re embroidered with traditional motifs. These are usually used to hold small objects.

In the past, peasants used to wear them but nowadays they’re used only in remote villages. However, the traditional bags have been reinterpreted and modern designs started to appear.

Where? – local souvenirs shops across the country

How much? – prices start at 50 RON but can go up to 500 RON, depending on the design and material (€10 – €100)

Luxury/ Expensive Romanian Souvenirs

If you’re looking for something special, these amazing Romanian souvenirs are exactly what you need!

22. Romanian blouse – Ie

Traditional Romanian Blouse called ie. Traditional romanian motifs, romanian souvenirs

A symbol of Romania’s culture and creativity, the Romanian blouse is famous worldwide. Worn only by women, the “ie” is hand-sewn and embroidered with floral and traditional motifs. These blouses used to be extremely valuable and they were passed from generation to generation. Making a Romanian blouse can even take months, depending on the design.

Recently, this garment became a source of inspiration for famous designers such as YSL or Tom Ford. It’s important to know that de designs of Ie differ from one area to another. Moreover, in the northern part of the country, the blouse is made from thicker material compared to the south of the country.

In the past, these unique blouses used to be worn only at special occasions but nowadays, after a few years of going under the radar, the Romanian blouse is gaining popularity again and young generations start to wear these garments as a sign of cultural pride.

Where? – Bucharest – Iiana store or Flori de Ie store, Brasov – shops on Republicii Street, Sibiu – Ie Romaneasca store, Cluj-Napoca – Magazin Artizanat store

How much? – hand-made Ie prices start at 400 RON and can go up to 1500 RON (€80 – €300). However, cheaper (factory-made) alternatives can be found.

23. Romanian rugs and carpets

Traditional romanian carpets from Oltenia, romanian souvenirs, things to buy from romania

If you have plenty of space in your luggage and you’re looking for some of the best Romanian souvenirs, then you should buy a few carpets. With elements from the local flora and fauna, the Oltenia carpets are known for their beautiful designs and colors.

Traditionally, the carpets are hand-made and coloured with natural colours extracted from local plants and vegetables. Finishing a carpet can take months but the result is always stunning.

Where? – local fairs and markets or online

How much? – depending on size, prices can go up to 2500 RON (€500)

24. Romanian masks

Traditional Romania masks, romanian souvenirs, things to buy from romania

Representations of an archaic world, the Romanian masks represent real or imaginary animals or characters and they’re used in rituals and dances, mostly during winter. These masks have their origins before the Christian era.

Even nowadays, groups of people wear masks (disguised as bears, goats) and sing songs on the streets during Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It’s believed that these songs will bring good luck. Here’s a video that perfectly portrays these traditions. You can read about other surprising facts about Romania here.

Where? – these masks can be hard to find. Try in local souvenirs shops or local fairs

How much? – between 100 RON and 500 RON (€20 – €100)

25. Embroidered traditional vests

Romanian souvenirs, things to buy from romania, romanian gift ideas, romanian traditional vests

Embroidered vests were worn by both men and women on special occasions such as weddings and Christenings. These vests completed the traditional costume and were usually hand-made from wool.

Each Romanian region has its own designs but no matter the region, all vests are unique and beautiful. Some of the top Romanian souvenirs, the embroidered traditional vests are a piece of Romanian art.

Where? – local fairs and some local souvenir shops or online

How much? – prices start at 100 RON but can go up to 1000 RON, depending on design (€20 – €200)

Final thoughts

These are some of the best things to buy from Romania but you’ll find many other beautiful objects and items in local souvenir stores. Romania is a country with a rich culture and many interesting traditions and I’m sure that you’ll be amazed by its uniqueness.

To sum up, here are the top Romanian souvenirs by category

  • Romanian clothing souvenirs – traditional hat Clop, traditional scarves, Romanian blouse ie, shoes – opinci, bags, vests’
  • Romanian food souvenirs – homemade honey, hand-painted eggs, Romanian cheese, snacks, zacusca, Romanian wine, tuice & palinca;
  • Other Romanian souvenirs – fridge magnets, Martisor, carved spoons, beads jewellery, old banknotes, pottery items, glass-painted icons, music instruments, Romanian dolls, folk-inspired accessories, carpets and rugs, traditional masks;

If you want to find out more about Romania, I recommend reading my detailed guide which includes info about transport, accommodation, best tourist attractions and more.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments section below. What will you buy from Romania?

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