Monthly Travel Journal – September 2019

Time has come for another monthly travel journal! Are you as excited as I am? We’ll talk in detail about what my life was like in September but first, I just want to tell you how much I love writing these journals.

Girl in front of Tower Bridge, London
Posing in front of Tower Bridge, London 🙂

Most of the time, when I write on this blog I focus on SEO. This means researching for keywords and writing about topics that attract traffic. These journals keep me mentally sane because here I can share my honest thoughts without worrying about traffic or SEO.

My journals are my way of getting closer to you. I want to share with you more than itineraries, destinations guides & travel tips and tricks. I want to let you have a good look in my life as a travel blogger and discover my personality. 

Okay, now that I got that off my chest, let’s talk about where I’ve traveled to in September.

1. Travel 

The month started with a visit from my dear friends, Madalina and Mihai. I and Madalina are friends since high-school and we’ve been through a lot together during the years.

Piata Unirii Bucuresti
Happy in Bucharest

We spent the day exploring Bucharest, visiting some museums and eating some great food. We even planned a girls’ trip in October to Bologna, Italy. We’ll be spending two days in a beautiful city just us, the girls. 

At the beginning of the month, me and Dan attended Borderless Live in London. Borderless Live is a conference designed for content creators. Here we had the chance to meet some fellow blogger friends and catch up and listen to some really inspiring presentations.

Couple in front of Tower Bridge, London

Also, we had the chance to talk to a few brands and discuss possible collaborations. Even though Borderless Live was my first blogging conference, I loved it!

Although I loved the conference, I can’t say the same thing about London. A few incidents happened during our stay there.

One night (about 11 pm) after we left one of the Borderless Live parties, we were walking to the subway station on one of London’s boulevards when suddenly a car stopped. The men inside the car started laughing and shouting something in a different language and then one of them threw a raw egg towards Dan.

The egg hit Dan’s hip. Without saying anything more, the car drove away leaving us in shock. How can this happen in a city like London? How is this even possible? 

After this incident, I felt unsafe while exploring London. Therefore, we only visited a few tourist attractions – Tower Bridge and Neil’s Yard. London is a beautiful city but the egg incident left me disappointed and speechless.

Exploring Neil's Yard in London
Neil’s Yard, London
Colorful buildings in Neils Yard Lodon
The colorful Neil’s Yard

2. Travel plans

I’ve got two trips planned and I’m very excited! I’ve already told you that I booked a trip with my friend Madalina to Bologna in October. 

For the second trip, I’m taking my mom to two of my favorite cities in Europe! I’ve already visited them and I loved their architecture and all the …..chocolate! Can you guess where?

Bruges and Ghent in Belgium! I’ll be visiting these two gems in November. Can’t wait!

3. What I’ve been watching

Let’s introduce a new category to this monthly journal. I don’t really like movies in general but I love TV series. My favorite all-time TV series is “That 70’s show”. It’s so relatable and funny! If you like comedies, you should definitely watch it!

Let’s see what I’m watching now. I’ve started “Dark” and even though this series is in German, the story is captivating! It reminds me a bit of “Stranger things” but the storyline is totally different.

I’ve started “American Horror Story” again. A few years ago I saw the first two seasons and stopped. Now I’m back on track and pretty excited about season 3!

What TV series would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

3. Blog updates

The blog is doing well. The traffic is growing fast (currently 120,000 monthly page views) and I’m starting to catch up with content. However, I have this feeling that I will never have the time to do everything I plan to do for this blog.

This is why I’m seriously considering outsourcing some of the tasks in the near future. 

Here are the blog posts I wrote in September:

That’s all for my September journal. Thanks for taking the time to read it! See you in October!

May the travel bug bite you!

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Monthly Travel Journal September 2019

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