Monthly Journal – October 2020 – I appeared on TV!

It’s time for another journal entry! Since there’s not much travel involved in my daily life anymore, I’ll take out the word “travel” from the title of my journals. From now on they’re simply called “Monthly Journals”.

During this past month, I wrote a lot on this blog, I visited some beautiful places aaaaaaand I appeared on national TV. Well, I actually appeared on TV two months ago but since I forgot to tell you about it, I’m going to tell you all the details below.

Another month has passed and I’m slowly coming to terms with the idea that I might not be able to travel anytime soon. Until now, I was in denial and I kept hoping that the borders will open and everything will go back to normal.

I know, many of my friends and my fellow travel bloggers are still choosing to travel during these hard times but I can’t do it. Since the start of this pandemic, I developed a new phobia – I’m germophobic. Also, when it comes to getting out of my home I’m extremely anxious so hopping on a plane together with many other people and sleeping in hotels is not an option for me right now.

You might say that I’m scared but I think it’s better to be safe than sorry. Anyway, I’ve spent the last weeks exploring nearby villages and places near Brasov, the city where I currently live. There are so many beautiful places that are worth exploring just a short drive away from my home and I’m excited to visit them.

Last weekend me, Dan and my mom visited some incredible villages near the famous Bran Castle aka Dracula Castle. Most tourists that visit this area only stop for a few photos at the castle, not knowing that just a few kilometers away some incredible sceneries await them.

Aurelia Teslaru and Dan Moldovan at Fundata
Cheile Gradistei - Fundata - village

After spending most of my time inside the house, I have to admit that walking 14 kilometres wasn’t that easy. Towards the end of the journey, my legs almost fell off. Haha. However, I was happy because I saw some incredible views and that night I slept like a baby.

Bucegi Mountains at sunset seen from Cheile Gradistei, Bran
Fundata Bucegi Mountains Romania

Yesterday we wanted to visit an extinct volcano near Brasov. When we left home, we saw that the fog was pretty dense but we were pretty sure that it will go away. Well, it didn’t so we ended up driving about 40 kilometres for nothing. However, I’m not giving up that easy. Next week we’ll try again!

Apart from these trips, I spent most of my time writing new blog posts on this blog. I think I’m among the few ones who still write travel content during this pandemic. Sometimes, even I question my sanity!

I visited many places that I still haven’t covered on this blog. I know that travel right now is dead but it will come back. When? I honestly have no idea. It might take a few months, one year or even more but when travel will become popular again I want this blog to be a reliable source of guides and updated information.

During the past few weeks, I started to learn Spanish on Duolinguo. When I was little I loved watching Spanish soap operas on TV and I even learned a bit of Spanish thanks to them. However, I never practiced my skills so my Spanish got a little rusty.

What I love about it is that it’s very similar to Romanian and easy to learn. For the past weeks I spent about one hour each day learning Spanish and I can already see improvements which is awesome! I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Okay, now let’s get to the juicy part. I appeared on TV for the first time at one of the most popular TV shows in Romania. I was really nervous before filming the show. I thought about all the questions they might ask me but when I got in front of the camera, my anxiety instantly went away.

We talked a bit about how we decided to leave everything behind and travel full-time, about the places we visited and about future plans.

Warning – the interview is in Romanian.

Blog Updates

I try to keep my motivation levels up and write travel guides that I know that nobody will read at the moment. I completely understand that people’s priority right now is to stay safe and not to travel. However, growing this blog will always be a priority for me.

Here are the latest blog posts on Daily Travel Pill. Enjoy!

Thanks so much for keeping in touch each month! See you in a bit!

May the travel bug bite you!

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